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Tangofolly is a worldwide community hub to find and share Argentine Tango news and events in a free and easy way.

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Looking for an exciting new tango event to explore? Grab your danceshoes and lets go!

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Check the NOTICEBOARD for a live feed of everything members are sharing lately! Everything you post or update is displayed here too. Find your local milongas, classes and workshops coming up at a glance via MY COMMUNITY.

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Directory Pages are a great way to manage your tango project, club, shop or band page. Create your own page to keep all your events, stories and marketplace listings together in one place. Link your website and tag friends.

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Everyone is welcome to share their ‘tango’ and connect with dancers and communities around the world. It’s really easy to get started and completely free. Sign up to create your Tango Biography and find your Dashboard on the left sidebar. We wish you a lifetime of wonderful tango and hope you find Tangofolly a useful way to find and share your tango stuff.
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