Tangofolly is a great place to share and promote your tango news and events in a free and easy way. Learn more about how it works and the folks behind the ‘Folly Project’. . Find out more! Or find a new home for your new or pre-loved tango shoes, clothes, art, music and anything else. Buy it. Swap it. Pass it on!
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Tangofolly is a free, unique and meaningful platform for the Argentine Tango community worldwide to share and find tango information.

Sharing and promoting tango

Everyone can register and post stuff. Share news, articles, videos and photos. Publish your events freely and reach the social tango community worldwide. Learn more about promoting tango or read frequently asked questions.

Finding tango

Browse all the directories to find news, events, bands/orchestras, shops and local tango clubs. See what everyone is posting lately on the Tangofolly Noticeboard.

Connecting tango people

Tangofolly is a great place to promote your tango activity by simply registering as a teacher, DJ, photographer, musician, writer, dancewear designer or shoe supplier. Equally, finding a teacher, DJ or anyone else is really easy by browsing the Tango People Directory.

Directory Pages

Club, Band, Shop and Project Pages are great for keeping all your news, events, photos, videos and products together in one place so everyone can easily find and follow you. List regular events on your Club page. Share music on your Band page. Sell stuff on your Shop page. If you are running any kind of special Project create your very own page too.

Who are we?

We are social dancers by ‘night’, IT people by ‘day’ and we love tango. Tangofolly is our way to contribute what we can to the worldwide tango community. More about The Folly Crew.

Can you help?

Like everything these days, Tangofolly costs money. If you would like to contribute towards the project get in touch. Or buy a shoe bag in the Tangofolly Shop. With thanks!