Tangofolly is a great place to share and promote your tango news and events in a free and easy way. Learn more about how it works and the folks behind the ‘Folly Project’.
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About The Tangofolly Project

Tangofolly is a free, unique and meaningful platform for the Argentine Tango community worldwide to share and find tango information.

These days Tangofolly is visited by at least 20,000 tango people every month, is linked to more than 238,000 web locations and serves as a real live community hub for Argentine Tango.

Small Beginnings

Tangofolly was first created in 2012 for the London Tango Community by social dancer and website designer, Rita Horne. Despite zero budget Tangofolly grew organically and soon re-launched in 2014 as a global community network.

A Proper Community Project

Tangofolly is very much a community driven initiative inspired by our passion for Tango culture and owned by a fast growing community of members actively using Tangofolly everyday. We are constantly listening to your feedback and making improvements. Ideas are welcome! If we can implement a new tool or space on Tangofolly that helps you we will.

From the beginning, and always, Tangofolly upholds the following values:

Community Feedback


The idea is to enable organisers, suppliers and everyone who wishes to contribute with a means to communicate directly with social dancers right across the globe in an online space made specially for Tango People. As an example, if organisers can quickly, easily and freely post their events themselves, social dancers, new-comers and visitors can find the very latest information at any time.



There are so many volunteers in our community who contribute their expertise. Photographers, Videographers, Writers, Historians, Technicians, Dancers, Teachers, Organisers, Artists, Designers, Musicians, Singers and more. Tangofolly wishes to recognise their work by establishing a space where members can create their own portfolio (Tango Biography) to showcase their work, be counted and appreciated. Thank you. Without you, the story of Tango would be lost…

My Posts


Our vision is for Tangofolly to be a ‘go-to’ source of useful reference. A wikapedia of information! A trustworthy place where everyone can post and record important facts, history, guides and tips. Where did tango come from? How to get started? What is the cabeceo? What shoes are best? Indeed, a library for everything ‘Tango’, written by tango people, for tango people.

Facebook is a great social marketing tool that Tangofolly uses to the max, but why limit our reach on commercial platforms that manage us into closed social circles with a ‘pay Facebook at the door’ policy?

Networks bring like-minded people together. Someone looking for shoes will also need a teacher, classes and events. How many dancers would have come to your event or bought your shoes, looked at your photos, read your articles… except they were not a member of your circle… You lose out and so do they… That’s a real shame! Tangofolly seeks to release these constraints by providing an open and fair meeting place. One giant circle of dance. Free access. Everyone benefits.

What's the folly in Tangofolly?

What’s the ‘folly in Tangofolly?

The English noun ‘folly’ was first cited in the 13th century and originates from the 12th century French word, ‘Folie’ or ‘Fool’. It was, and is, used to imply behaviour that is delightful but crazy, foolish and wonderfully nonsensical. We think it perfectly describes our tango lives and all that Tangofolly is. Don’t you think? 🙂

Your Webmaster

Social dancer by night, freelance website designer by day. Mad about tango and culture. You can find Tangofolly Headquarters wherever Rita and her MacBook are today. This may well be in a tango marathon dormitory in Brussels or a cafe in Paris, on a train to Berlin or at an outdoor milonga in Seville. Usually, it’s in a little attic room tucked away in leafy south-west London. Office hours: 24/7


About The Folly Crew

We are a team of volunteers who get together to work on various Tangofolly projects. We also bring our expertise and experience with us to work together with organisers, providing meaningful communication, promotion and troubleshooting support.

Enlist The Folly Crew

We’d love to help you tell your story. If you would like to work together pop Rita a message in the first instance.

Join The Crew

We are recruiting! Tangofolly is growing fast and we really need your help. If you would like to join us on a project do get in touch. We would be delighted to showcase your expertise wherever possible and certainly, there is PLENTY of fun stuff to be done right here on Tangofolly. Many hands make light work as they say. Everyone is welcome.

Email Rita @ Tangofolly


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Crew Members

We are really proud of our expanding team. Here are just some of our excellent fellows:

Social Dancer
Tango? “it feels good”
Magdalena Smolarska
Magdalena Smolarska
Photographer, Social Dancer
Tango? “Photos capture the moment, the memories, the stori…”
Tango DJ Anthony Cronin
Tango DJ Anthony Cronin
Tango DJ, Writer
Tango? “Tango is for me a gateway to unspoken emotions,”
Filmographer, Photographer
Tango? “Tango connects us all!”
Okke van Oudgaarden
Okke van Oudgaarden
Tango? “Love the people, the music and the energy and tryi…”
Terry Nitschke
Terry Nitschke
Social Dancer
Tango? “Life..... I'm living' it??”
Denis Svartz
Denis Svartz
Tango? “Learning tango allowed me appreciate the proximity…”
Agnieszka Laskus
Agnieszka Laskus
Tango? “Tango stimulates all your senses.”
Rita Maree
Rita Maree
Social Dancer, Writer
Tango? “Tango... Confronts you. Teaches you. Again. An anc…”