Alfredo Martin Espindola

Event Organiser, Musician, Teacher from London. Why Tango? “I am passionate about exploring and fusing tango disciplines.“. Join the growing community of tango teachers, performers, dj’s, photographers, writers, musicians, social dancers and fellow tango friends at Tangofolly. Its free to sign up and share your tango stuff too.
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Alfredo Martin Espindola

“I am passionate about exploring and fusing tango disciplines.“

WHO: Event Organiser, Musician, Teacher
ROLE: Tanguero Leader
LOCATION: United Kingdom



Martin has studied both classic and new style tango intensively for the past 15 years. He further developed his contemporary dance skills through the Viviana Lasparra’s school in Argentina and is currently under mentorship, training with Jean Newlove, Laban’s Personal Assistant for a number of years. Additional influences have been through observing the work process at attending classes and workshops with Richard Alston, Fernanda Pratta, Hofesh Schetcher and Fred Geridh, among others.Having researched for many years sphere dinamics, he also incorporates this fundamental element to his ground-breaking take on movement and dance.

Martin has invested in research and development time with a number of dancers from differing disciplines, notably Julian Elizari who performed in Freiburgh Germany for Joachian Schlolemer, Svenia Hamel, contemporary dancer, Germany, Kate Parry, (England) aerial and circus artist, Miriam Faura director of Race and Rythm.

He danced for choreographers Jose Agudo and Claire Cunningham in A Performance Project at The Place, London for Dance United in residency at Kensington and Chelsea College. Previous projects include Blaggers, in 2006, a piece devised with youths for the Theatre Royal Stratford East and Phakama, a company working with immigrant youths in London for the Contact Festival Manchester. In 2006, he choreographed and danced the tango element of The Big Dance at Trafalgar Square. This was the televised by the BBC in a record breaking performance for the most diverse gathering of dance genre in one location, following the Drama Centre production, in London, where he assisted Philip Hedley, Director on a production of Moliere’s The Miser. In 2007 Martin was movement assistant to a Shakespeare’s production of “Midsummer nights dream” performed at the London Metropolitan University prior to being taken to Poland.

With Ani Tchakmakdjian, Director of Elbow Room Dance Company, he has begun exploring fusing these two disciplines. The material generated is attracting attention, pushing the boundaries of traditional tango whilst producing a wealth of material to pursue from a dance theatre perspective. They performed this piece at Dance live 2008, Scotland and showed more work in progress in residencies at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Performs with Maria Solero, at Jasper Conran’s private event a fusion piece of tango and contemporary dance to a world premiere piano composition by Juan Rezzuto and Argentinian musician.

Teaches a series of contemporary dance workshops in the prestigious Tango Festival Poderosa Summer Treat in Berlin 2013.

Creates Tangosaurus, an original dance-theatre piece bringing together scrypt writers, actors, dancers and musicians to deliver a lively take on comunication. Performed at Seven Dials Club Covent Garden 2014.

Produces and directs Smoke and Mirrors a tango show with live music. Performed in Earls Court, July 2015


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