Tango DJ Anthony Cronin

Tango DJ, Writer from Dublin. Why Tango? “Tango is for me a gateway to unspoken emotions,“. Join the growing community of tango teachers, performers, dj’s, photographers, writers, musicians, social dancers and fellow tango friends at Tangofolly. Its free to sign up and share your tango stuff too. . Find out more! Or find a new home for your new or pre-loved tango shoes, clothes, art, music and anything else. Buy it. Swap it. Pass it on!
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Tango DJ Anthony Cronin

“Tango is for me a gateway to unspoken emotions,“

WHO: Tango DJ, Writer
ROLE: Tanguero Leader

Tango DJ since 2007. I was a DJ long before I discovered tango, DJ-ing in nightclubs and radio in my student days in Cork. Now I DJs milongas, marathons and tango festivals at home and abroad. With a long list of countries already under my belt.


DJ-ing for me: It is all about the dancers and keeping them dancing and smiling. I play primarily from the 1930’s & 40’s with gentle dives into the wonderful Guarda Vieja of late 20’s and odd trips into the 50’s.  As a dancer first, I know that once I trust the DJ to be consistent my night is better and this is what I seek to give all dancers, comfort that the music will be danceable and flow tanda to tanda.”


This is why I spend many hours researching tango and also ensuring only the best quality transfers possible are played to fill the room with beautiful music. Each time I try to gently tell a story and keep the dynamics changing across the night so everyone gets carried along. I want to live life to the full and laugh and that is what I try to give the dancers.


Read my DJ page for more stories behind many well know tango recordings as well as listing his upcoming events. www.facebook.com/tangodjanthonycronin


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