Magdalena Smolarska

Photographer, Social Dancer from London. Why Tango? “Photos capture the moment, the memories, the stories. I’m a story teller and these are my stories for you!“. Join the growing community of tango teachers, performers, dj’s, photographers, writers, musicians, social dancers and fellow tango friends at Tangofolly. Its free to sign up and share your tango stuff too.
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Magdalena Smolarska

“Photos capture the moment, the memories, the stories. I’m a story teller and these are my stories for you!“

WHO: Photographer, Social Dancer
ROLE: Tanguera Follower
LOCATION: United Kingdom

Taking photos is my passion; looking at life through a lens opens up a whole other world that is so often missed in our day to day lives. The ability to capture that second, that instant, that blink-and-you-miss-it moment brings me such joy. To see people’s reactions as they too see what I see is satisfying on so many levels. Whether it’s wondering through the streets of London in summer or sitting by the Ronda in the small hours of the morning, my camera is my companion and my curiosity has no bounds.

The opportunity to combine another love, tango, and photography is a dream for me – being able to portray the movement and rhythm as people get lost in the dance and embrace… With each photo I try to fill my chapters, be it the embrace of a couple in harmony, a woman quietly enjoying the dancers around her, the blink of an eye as a man invites his partner to dance or the clasp of hands that so lovingly reflects the dance our hearts beat to. To me, these secret moments tell a story that otherwise remains unseen and unheard, and allows people to open up their eyes and appreciate the world they live in.

Page by page, chapter by chapter I continue to write my stories; if you would like to be involved please get in touch!



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