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Tango E14

“Tango E14 concentrates on the connection, embrace and improvisation side of Argentine Tango. It is promoting Tango dance for all; by making it accessible and a pleasure to dance for everyone. All abilities and absolute beginners welcome!“

Meet the team based in London United Kingdom:


Event Organiser, Social Dancer, Teacher
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Every Saturday
1-5pm entry £5 unless there are guest teachers then £10.
1-2 pm Beginners
2-3 pm Improvers
3-5 Practica or Milonga when guest teachers teach with DJFredy after.

As always, free tea and coffee available, and snacks if you want to bring something to share.

Tango E14 is a chance for people to get together to develop and improve their Tango skills. It is run by Tony Lane and Anita van de Watering who have a combined age over a hundred. Tony  has been learning and dancing Tango for eighteen years , and is still learning. He has taught in the UK, New Zealand, China and other countries.

Tango is a journey of exploration. You never stop discovering , but it is helpful to get to a point where it is enjoyable for both . From then on Tango can be developed as much or as little, as quickly or as leisurely as suits each person for the rest of their life.

Tango is not just sequences of choreographed movements danced by highly skilled dancers, it is a language of communication that can be enjoyed by anyone. So we learn how to transmit and receive information through our embrace, connection, movement and rhythms, and to pay full attention to each other. In simple words, we learn to lead and follow. Some dancers like to reverse roles to enable them to better understand that process, but in any case a good leader should know how to ‘invite the follower to move and then follow that movement’.

We learn to dance in couples, together to the music, in the space available, whilst at the same time respecting the other dancers. We cannot have fixed choreography , so we have to learn to improvise early on.



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