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Travelbug is a simple way for dancers travelling to events to connect with local people offering accommodation. It’s a great way to make new friends and explore Tango in other communities. Your next adventure awaits you and it’s important to prepare we…More

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Note: Travelbug Safety Tips

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Travelbug is a simple way for dancers travelling to events to connect with local people offering accommodation. It’s a great way to make new friends and explore Tango in other communities. Your next adventure awaits you and it’s important to prepare well. Here are some tips and well-researched advice on keeping safe:


Do Your Homework


Review Biographies Carefully

Take time to review member biographies. Is their information complete and up to date? What’s missing? Do they have a clear profile picture? What comments have other members posted about them?


Check Social Networks

Every member on Tangofolly is able to link their Facebook profile to their biography on Tangofolly. The tango community is well represented on Facebook so it can be a useful research tool to get to know a little bit about your potential host or guest. Do you have mutual friends? Do you see any tango related photos and posts? If not.. why not? It works both ways, so be sure you link your Facebook profile too!


Check the address

Check out the map on the Travelbug Listing. Does it match the description? We love this tool from Google that gives you an instant view of any supported location.
» Google Street View


If it doesn’t seem right it probably isn’t…

If their profile doesn’t seem right or your communication with them rings alarm bells, listen to your instinct, and move on.


Plan Ahead


Have you got a PLAN B?

Make sure you have collated a few alternative accommodation options before you go. Check if there are hotels or hostels nearby or set up another Travelbug option as backup. Having a choice is empowering. If at any time you feel uneasy or the situation is not working out the way you thought, you have a choice to pull out.


Research the local culture

Take time to learn about the place you are travelling too. Be aware of any cultural and religious differences. The following resources for safety alerts and advisories is a good place to start:
» U.S. Dept of State Travel Alerts » Gov.UK Foreign Travel Advice » Gov. Canada Travel Advice


Know your logistics

What public transport options are nearby? What is the route you must take to get to the tango event venue? Where can you park your car? How will you get home after the event? Make a note of local taxi companies.


Tell a friend

Once you have made your arrangements it is a good idea to pass any details on to someone you trust just in case. Ask your friend to keep a note of the addresses where you are staying and where you are dancing, contact numbers and any other relevant information.


Don’t forget your charger…

Avoid finding yourself lost in the early hours with no charge on your mobile phone and only a credit card for cash. We know its obvious but do make a point of consciously prepping a little bit of local currency for your pocket and your phone charger.


Protect Your Personal Information


Communicate via Tangofolly

We HIGHLY recommend that you use the private messaging facility on Tangofolly to make contact and finalise your arrangements. Your email address and private information is protected on Tangofolly. NEVER give out your phone number or email or any other personal information until you have met the person and feel comfortable to do so.


Meeting Up


Choose a good location to meet

Arrange to meet in a public place if possible and preferably during the day. Take time to get to know each other and, if you feel safe, continue on to the accommodation.


Safe Payment


Cash is best

There are a lot of very clever online fraudsters out there with some impressively tricky methods for getting hold of your money. The best way to avoid all of them is to not ‘pay online’ at all. Quite simply, cash is the best option.


Paypal is possible

You can use PayPal of course but be careful not to use the Family & Friends option or the service. These two methods will not provide you with a refund should something go wrong.


During Your Stay


Be mindful

During your stay do all that you can to understand the personal needs of your guest or host. Respect any house rules or guest requirements. Be sure to communicate with each other clearly and promptly rather than leave room for potential misunderstandings.


In threatening situations

If at any time you feel unsafe, threatened or in immediate danger please do not hesitate to call for help. Here are all the emergency number for police, fire and ambulance in every country
» Emergency Numbers Worldwide


Comments & Reviews


Leave feedback

In the spirit of community, take 5min and leave your host or guest a review on their Tangofolly Biography. This will be enormously helpful to other Travelbugs and contributes towards maintaining a safe and fun environment.


Tangofolly Support


Monitoring listings and biographies

We will do all that we can to check Travelbug Listings are legitimate and owned by a member of the Tango Community. If you see something that doesn’t look right please email us straight away so we can investigate.


Report an issue

If you have a bad experience or wish to report any information about a guest or host please email Tangofolly directly. We will be able to pass any information on to relevant authorities and block any such member from using Tangofolly. Your report to us will be kept strictly confidential.


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