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Welcome to Tangofolly! Its free and really easy to get started. Just follow the simple steps below to share your expertise, tango projects, events and news. Learn more about Tangofolly and how it works.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you might have right now:


What events can I post?

Tango events include Lessons, Festivals, Milongas, Practicas, Encuentros, Tango Holidays or Bootcamps, Tango Weekends, Marathons and any other Special Events.


Can anyone post events?

Yes! All Tangofolly members can post events.

Where are my events published?

On the Noticeboard, your personal biography in the Tango People directory and in the Tango Events directory. If you have listed a page in the Tango Directory you can choose to publish your event their too.


How do I post an event?

Login. Find your dashboard and click ‘+ Event’.

» Guide To Events

What are pages?

Pages are a great way to manage all your stories, events and listings in one place.


CLUB PAGES – If you run regular events such as a weekly milonga a club page is ideal to keep all your events in one place.


SHOP PAGES – If you supply and sell products such as shoes or art, create a shop page. List your items in the marketplace to showcase them on your shop page.


BAND PAGES – If you produce, reproduce, write, goes on tour, record or play live tango music, create a band page and help fans follow your work.

PROJECT PAGES – If you are running any kind of tango related project create a page to keep all your news and events together. It really could be about anything. Research you are doing? Restoration projects? Community and charity initiatives? Anything!


How do I list a directory page?

Login. Find your dashboard and click ‘+ Directory Page’.

» Guide to Directory Pages


What’s the idea?

Everyone with tango stuff for sale or to swap, new or used, can post it in the markeplace so that everyone looking for tango stuff to buy can find it. If you have a page your listing will be displayed there too. This is useful for Tango Shop pages to showcase their collection.

How can I list my stuff?

Login. Find your dashboard and click ‘+ Marketplace Listing’.

» Guide To Marketplace Listings

I am a social dancer. What can I do?

Tangofolly is not only for ‘Professionals’. Actually, we made Tangofolly with YOU in mind! There are many things you can do on Tangofolly:
1. Use all the search filters to find events and teachers etc
2. Post STORIES – share photos, videos, music and news.
3. Click the ‘FOLLOW’ button to add it to your FAVOURITES list.
4. Post comments, leave reviews, discuss.
5. List your old shoes in the MARKEPLACE.
6. Join the SHOOT!
And.. more! There are too many cool reasons to list them all..


What is a tango story?

A ‘Story’ is anything you want to share. Just like a ‘post’ or ‘status update’ on Facebook. Post news, information, photos, videos or music. Write articles, reviews, poems and blogs. Post anything you like!


Can anyone post a tango story?

Everyone can!


How do I post a tango story?

Login. Find your dashboard and click ‘+ Story’.

» Guide To Stories


Is Tangofolly really free?

Yes. It will always be free to join and post stuff. Learn more About Tangofolly and how we aim to help our global community with Promoting Tango.