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Tangofolly is a powerful tool to help you share your tango news and events in a free and meaningful way. Learn more about promoting tango on Tangofolly.
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Promoting Tango

We do all we can to help you share your tango stuff with your local tango community, our wider global community, to welcome newcomers and support you with a meaningful advertising forum for communication of information.

Do It Yourself. It’s free.

Tangofolly is fast becoming the ‘go to’ place for tango information. By simply posting your events and news on Tangofolly you immediately reach out to Tangofolly readers and local tango communities all around the world. Its completely free and always will be.


Here are some little tips to help you make the most of Tangofolly.

Tangofolly Noticeboard Posts

The Noticeboard is an automatic, live feed of all activity on Tangofolly. Everytime you post something new, or edit something previously posted, it will return to the top of the Tangofolly Noticeboard list.

Tangofolly Tangofolly Social Share

Tangofolly Members can ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ your posts on Tangofolly. Each time they do, your post is promoted across the Tangofolly network again.

Tangofolly Tango Biographies

If you are a Tango Teacher, DJ, Photographer, Filmographer, Artist, Designer or Writer use your Biography page to build a portfolio or fan page. Post ‘Stories’ to share photos, videos, articles and anything else. Everything you post is displayed on your Biography. Everyone can find you in the Tango People directory.

Tangofolly Directory Pages

Club, Band, Shop and Project Pages are great for keeping all your news, events, photos, videos and products together in one place so everyone can easily find and follow you. List regular events on your Club page. Share music on your Band page. Sell stuff on your Shop page. If you are running any kind of special Project create your very own page too. Learn more about Getting Listed.

Tangofolly Linking

Add a link to your website and contact information on everything you post so readers can ‘get to you’ easily. Use the special link boxes on every form. Your link will be automatically displayed in a prominent position on your post so people can find it easily.

Tangofolly Save Time

There are so many cross-over advertising locations (particularly on Facebook) that media platforms have become saturated and confusing. Save time and help everyone find your stuff easily. Post it on Tangofolly. Then simply share it on your preferred social media platforms.

Promoting You

We share everything you post on Tangofolly across all our social networks too! Follow us and support us when we promote your stuff:

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Help Us Promote You

Its about working together; as the Tangofolly community grows, more and more tango people, newcomers and other interested parties find your tango stuff. Everyone wins! Help us by spreading the word about Tangofolly with your fellow tango friends and communities.

Tangofolly Star Sponsored Promotions

If you want to promote your event or news even more we can feature it at known popular locations around the website. In the first instance, write to us with your needs so we can find the best solution for you.



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