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Mina Legnered commented on:

Big Event Syndrome

Love La Cita de los Amigos! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂 And fun image. (Marta’s a great photographer) Makes me inspired to bring my daughter along to the next event. She’s one year 😀 /Mina
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Fred Hermsen commented on:

Tango is more fun than salsa. Really.

Wizzardous a writer as ever Martin, just keeps hips and ink flowing.
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Paco Castellano commented on:

Gravedigger Face

A few years ago, my wife and I named a milonguero with the nickname “El muerto”. (The Dead). I prefer not to know what my nickname is while I dance
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Andrea Uchitel commented on:

Tango Lesson Alzheimer

Oh Martin! I think I see your point and I suffered from it too!!! Probably, that is why I invented this little formula you mention in your article  🙂 So, let me clarify that in my book I share just ONE “kind of mathematical equation” (not more than that!) and just in the Fifth Chapter!! In that chapter you may see many graphs representing it, because I develop detailed explanations and propose many exercises so you slowly learn to play with it while dancing. It is one tool for training perception and decision making while improvising, not for describing body movement complexity at all!! Luckily, I wrote it for you and the group of students when we finished the lesson at Los Locos last year, so you don´t depend on your short attention span, neither need to remember it by heart to go on exploring with it! 🙂 (You shared a picture of it on Facebook recently) I may tell your readers it has the shape of a formula to represent and synthesize three very simple questions: -Where to is the next step? (directions/orientation in space/dance floor), -Where through into the embrace? (relative positions between dancers and free leg system) and -When? (that depends on music, space around, body state, etc). A simple model to play with and create combinations while deepening perception and duo sensation of togetherness. For sure, when you will read the book (hopefully soon in English) you will need some time to understand it. And then, you will need a bit more time to embody it so you can play with it on the dance floor. I truly and deeply believe it is one joyable tool I use for dancing and teaching!! I hope to go on sharing this approach and much more in my next visit to Amsterdam! A warm embrace on a beautiful tango, Andrea PD: Anyone that wants to know more, please contact me trough Ig, Fb or mail:
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Paco Castellano commented on:

Getting Physical

I know, I know. Ha ha
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