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Welcome to the Argentine Tango community hub!

Find and share dance news, festivals, marathons, milongas and other tango events. Get listed, sell stuff, connect with social dancers around the world. Go dancing!

SHOOT! – Dancers at Mimos y Tango – BY DELE

Tangofolly is a virtual meeting place where people looking for tango stuff can get together with people sharing tango stuff.

Head straight to the information you are looking for or just explore. Use the search filters to narrow it down or scroll for the latest. Bookmark stuff for later. Share stuff with friends, message members and post comments. Explore the Tangofolly directories:


Well actually, it’s all about tango people! Everyone has their very own page on Tangofolly to fill with anything and everything ‘tango’.

Find a teacher, tango DJ, seller, event organiser or photographer. Browse all the news, stories and events they are posting on their wall, visit their shop and get in touch.

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Everything you post is automatically listed in the relevant directory and shared across our entire network to help you reach as many people as possible. Here is the very latest:

Shoot! The Spirit of Tango Photography Project

Join in the SHOOT Featured photography project!

Shoot! Featured aims to recognise the talent and skill of both amateur and professional tango photographers around the world. Currently we are featuring:

Explore all featured photographers past and find out how to feature your favourite tango photo too.

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The History of Argentine Tango: Immigrants Buenos Aires

Tango emerged from the darkness.. a wonderful epidemic born of the unprecedented economical severity and cultural diversity of those times.

Despite world wars and other social challenges in the early 1900’s, Tango has evolved and flourished, crossing vast continents and finding it’s place in even the most diverse cultures. Today, tango is danced in every corner of the world.

History of Argentine Tango
Learning Argentine Tango

Thinking about trying traditional Argentine Tango for the first time?

As one of the most difficult social dances, learning tango may seem impossible. Don’t give in just yet! It will be, we promise, a truly rewarding and life-changing experience.

Beginners Guide To Tango
The Tangofolly Community Project

Tangofolly is a not-for-profit, completely free, community project. Made specially for tango people by tango people.

Our aim is to do all we can to support event organisers and social dancers with a useful, fair, safe and meaningful place to find and share tango information.

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