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Featured photo by Thibault Cresp

Our committment

Inspired by our passion for tango’s historical journey, Tangofolly’s wholehearted committment is to meaningfully support the art and culture of Argentine Tango by facilitating a free and community driven platform for communication, recognition and reference. Tangofolly was first created in 2012 and continues to grow organically as tango dancers worldwide sign up making it a truly global community hub. It’s free to post on Tangofolly and everyone is welcome.

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What’s the ‘folly in Tangofolly?

The English noun ‘folly’ was first cited in the 13th century and originates from the 12th century French word, ‘Folie’ or ‘Fool’. The English Oxford Dictionary describes behaviour that is foolish and wonderfully nonsensical.

About promoting tango

Tangofolly will always be free for everyone to find and share their tango news and events. We promote everything you post and there are sponsored options available too.

A great many thanks

Very special thanks to all our friends and volunteers who have worked on various Tangofolly projects in the past and supported the cause in all different ways from the beginning of time. You shall never be forgot.

Meet the editor

Social dancer by night, website designer by day. Yes, its true… little Tangofolly was indeed made by Rita on a humble 13″ Macbook Pro to the glorious sounds of The Rolling Stones and other like-minded fellows.

Tangofolly is the very first website I ever made. I remember googling ‘wordpress websites for beginners’ and ‘what is a div’ all those years ago…! I had just started learning Tango and felt so inspired that I wanted to contribute something useful somehow. My local community was struggling with communications at the time so I thought… What about a community website? It’s really as simple as that. Of course, much has changed since then, but, Tangofolly will always be my favourite website and continues to be my personal pleasure to care for every day.

Mad about tango, Tangofolly headquarters is wherever Rita and her MacBook are today. This may well be in a tango marathon dormitory in Brussels or a cafe in Paris, on a train to Berlin or at an outdoor milonga in Seville.

Office hours: 24/7.

Tangofolly Cabeceo

“La Cabeceo”

The inspiration

It’s a very long story that began on a rainy day in beautiful Paris… but essentially these lovely little fellows were the inspiration behind Tangofolly. Many discussions have been had about whether they are male, female, or male and female. You decide. Tango is about two souls dancing together.

Rita Horne and Magdalena Smolarska for Tangofolly

Rita (Pen n Ink) & Magdalena (Photographer)

The ‘folly crew

Over the years Tangofolly has collaborated with event organisers, photographers and filmographers to report on various events throughout Europe. This is just one fond memory of those days.