Experience the magic of Buenos Aires this year! TANGO HOLIDAYS FOR ALL LEVELS and SOLOS / COUPLES. Registrations now open: 11th year!

Nov. 16-28, 2024: 13 days of tango open to all in the Argentine capital. Join our yearly trip to the capital of tango and experience the birthplace of tango, and its beautiful barrios its most iconic milongas, the live orchestras, and World class instructors, a trip outside of the capital and much more!

Mix a fantastic European heritage, wine and steak elevated to art, fantastic shopping, a frenzied nightlife, tango… And you get Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan capital which looks strangely familiar, but is unlike any other place on earth. “Rest” asured: you won’t be bored! But we’ve also kept moments of tranquility, to give your feet some well-deserved respite.

♥ Workshops every day with the highest quality tuition incl. world champions
♥ Practica every day to perfect what you’ve learned
♥ Fabulous milongas in the evening, from the most famous to the most mind blowing
♥ Possibility to dance with professionals at the milongas
♥ 4* hotel with swimming pool and free buffet breakfast and beautiful views
♥ Visits of the most fascinating parts of Buenos Aires, plus shopping
♥ Culinary experiences
♥ Full day trip outside of Buenos Aires in the delta
♥ Boat excursion
♥ Iguazu Falls trip in option

10+ years of experience means you are sure of a solid programme and will enjoy the very best Buenos Aires has to offer.

Full programme at: https://tanguito.co.uk/tango-holidays/
Places limited, contact us for more information.

The team at Tanguito

It will be about the dialogue leaders and followers can have if they know the technique and therewith can discover the possibilities: the follower’s creativity and musicality added to that of the leader will create a more exciting dance for both. The workshop will be followed by a practica salon.


  •  20:30 – 21:30 / plus guided practica 1 hour. The bar is open, and Terrace.


16:00 -19:00 Intensive workshop with omar & Veronica

MILONGA: Movements to combine rhythms changes

TANGO: Special matrices to apply movements in the milonga dance line. Combination of directions and body positions.

TANGO: Unique sequences are to be applied on the dance floor for better circulation.


19:00 -22:00

Milonga starts and everyone is welcome to join the dance floor and have fun with our Tango community.

Bar with toasties

DJ Ezequiel.

Parking on the street

wooden floor


Dance exhibition Omar & Veronica

Kluver Dansschool 


Friday, 4th of October

h. 17.30 – 19,00 Workshop Giros y Sacadas con Marcela Guevara y Stefano Giudice

19.00 – 04.00 GALA MILONGA with live music

22.00 – 23.00 Orchestra CUARTETO PICHUCO

24.00 – 01.00 Orchestra BANDONEGRO

19 – 23 Dj Ariel Yurjevic, Victor Ariel Yuryevic

23  –  4.00 Dj Flavio Zizzu

h. 19,00 – 20,30 Aperitif with the tasting of typical lunigiana products



12.30 – 14.30 ASADO CON el asador argentino, facoltativo, su prenotazione.

h. 14.30 – 16,00 Workshop Sacadas y Boleos con Marcela Guevara y Stefano Giudice

h. 16.00 – 04.00 Milonga live music

22.00 – 23.00 Orchestra TANGO SONOS

24.00 – 01.00 Orchestra HYPERION ENSEMBLE  Federico Pierro y Lucas Boock cantores

16 – 21 Dj Maca Ralinqueo

22 – 04.00 Dj Elisabetta Iorio

h. 19,00 – 20,30 Aperitif with the tasting of typical lunigiana products

SUNDAY, 6th of October

h. 11.30 – 13,00 Workshop Milonga with Marcela Guevara & Stefano Giudice

h. 15.00 – 02.00 Milonga with life music

21.00 – 22.00 Orchestra TANGO SPLEEN

23.00 – 24.00 LO QUE VENDRà   con Martin Piñol cantor

15 – 20 Dj Yanina Erramouspe

20 – 02.00  Dj Olga Katsara da Patrasso, Grecia

h. 19,00 – 20,30  Aperitif with the tasting of typical lunigiana products

Full Pass after 01/09/2024 : € 90.00

Super Early-bird (before 30.6): € 60.00

Early-bird (before  31.8): € 70.00

Single entrances:

Venerdì/ Friday 4: € 30.00 – after 23 € 20.00

Sabato/Saturday 5: € 35.00 – after 22 € 25.00

Domenica/Sunday 6: € 30.00 – after 22 € 10.00




Bruno +39/ 338/6623132

Marina: +39/3407991290

Martin (Whatsapp) +54/9341/6994446

Friends of Sultans,

Next episode of Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival will take place in 12 – 18 November 2024 and it will be our 11th edition. As ‘Sultans’ continues to make a profound impact, It will maintain the beloved marathon & festival format of previous years, enhanced with some innovative and exciting ideas.

This year we will 9 couples including 2 Tango Legends, 4 Mundial De Baila World Champions, 1 European Tango Champion and 2 famous international couples.

2024 Maestros Cast

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

Ruben Veliz & Sabrina Veliz

Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira

Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Loukas Balokas & Georgia Priskou

Sebastian Bolivar & Cynthia Palacious (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Eze Lopez & Camila Alegre (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Jonny Carvajal & Suyay Quiroga (Mundial de Baile Champion)

Batuhan Boy & Nida ?nceo?lu (European Tango Champion)

Muharrem Y?lmazkaya & Nilay Akgün

2024 DJ Cast

Mauro Berardi

Super Sabino

Andres Molina

Alper Akgül

Ralph Nasi

Ramo & Go-Go

Sabri Güleç

Tümay uslu

Ahu Türkpençe

Emrah Uçar

Burak Yaz

2024 Photographers

Monika Ufnal

Gamze Yerci

Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival is an unique event that brings the best features of a tango marathon and festival together.? While Marathoners are dancing crazy at day & afterparty milongas, Festival-lovers can take classes, or join a city tour or rest. And at Night Milongas all participants come together to share their tango.


We love surprises, a lotttt!!!!. So, there’s always something spectacular around the corner.


Thanks to our warm and experienced team, you don’t have to think about any detail. Every year it just gets better and better.


Day Milongas and After Parties are only part of the marathon packs. So, we will continue to be strict at gender balance, number of participants, experience level and other own criteria’s who selects this pack. Ready to embrace the some of the best tango dancers around.


Do not miss the great workshops by our worldwide famous teachers. They will keep it simple and effective. You can start to use the things that you have learned at the milonga instantly.


Marathon and festival participants will unite to tango together. Don’t miss the opportunity to see fresh faces every night.


The warmest tango friends all over the world are keep coming and making our dream bigger and bigger.

2024 Tarbes Tango Retreat, South of France – travel with a local to Occitanie region

Join us to the 2024 Tarbes Tango Retreat (South of France) – 1st edition, Aug. 17-23.

Taking place during one of France’s largest festivals (Tarbes en Tango), with its 29 milongas, live music, 80+ workshops, and tango orchestras incl. Hyperion, la Andariega and Sexteto Crystal, Tango Spleen and Sonder Tango amongst others, we organise an inspiring retreat filled with tango, nature, city breaks and discovery of the Occitanie region.

Welcome to the enchanting city of Tarbes in southern France, where the entire town is overtaken by tango during its famous August tango festival, with its afternoon outdoor dancing and the evening milongas. Imagine yourself sipping on a glass of local wine, enjoying the warm weather, the region’s fresh produce and exquisite food, and its sun-kissed landscapes, vibrant culture. Join us in beautiful hikes, discover ancient and wall surrounded Toulouse, visit a vineyard and even go on a Bakery hunt. Have we caught your attention yet?

Discover Tarbes Tango Retreat: https://www.tanguito.co.uk/events/2024-tarbes-tango-retreat/

The team at Tanguito
PS this retreat is organised by Tanguito, not by Tarbes en Tango (although this retreat has full approval from them)

We are super excites to invite you to the 10th anniversary edition of the most friendly and cozy tango marathon

MARATANGON vol.10 Skopje Tango Marathon promises to be bigger, better, and more unforgettable than ever before!

We have prepared a lineup of world-class DJs who will for sure set
the perfect tone for our celebration edition

DJ Utku Kuley – Turkey
DJ Claudio Coppola – Italy
DJ Ramo & GoGo – Turkey
DJ Giuseppe Clemente – Italy
DJ Vladislav Bastoon Petrov – Bulgaria

The full pass pack includes:
ALL MILONGAS (Thursday warm up to Sunday closing milonga)
35 HOURS of dancing
3 rich buffet dinners (at each night milonga)
Fruits, sweets and snacks during daily milongas
Free water
Wooden flooring
Welcome gift
Spacious ballroom hall
250 dancers (role balance)
Free parking at the hotel

*Other drinks (coffee, tea, soft and alcoholic drinks are not included but can be purchased at the bar)
SUPER EARLY BIRD FULL PASS (1 – 15 June) = 110eu
EARLY BIRD PASS (15 June – 31 August) = 120eu
FULL PASS (1 – 30 September) = 135eu


THURSDAY 03.10.24
Warm up Milonga
Location and DJ to be announced

FRIDAY 04.10.24
Registration opens 20:30
Buffet dinner will be served at 20:30
Opening Milonga 21:30 – 04:30

SATURDAY 05.10.24
Daily Milonga 13:00 – 19:00
(Daily milonga including fruits, snacks, sweets)
Buffet dinner will be served at 21:00
Gala Milonga 22:00 – 05:00

SUNDAY 06.10.24
Daily Milonga 13:00 – 18:00
(Daily milonga including fruits, snacks, sweets)
Buffet dinner will be served at 18:00
Closing Milonga 19:00 – 01:00DJ VLADISLAV BASTOON PETROV

If you have any questions please contact us via email

Tango & Discoveries in Japan, May 2025: an extraordinary adventure in the land of the rising sun

Since 2014, we organise yearly Tango holidays in the most extraordinary of places: a place where we’ve lived for a decade and that is close to our heart – Japan, the land of the rising sun.

So come along and join “JaPango”. Not only will you dance in one of the most exciting tango places in the world, you will also experience Japan’s beauty and amazing variety, its cities, culture, and nature. Your journey of 13 days will take you from Tokyo, the current capital of old and new, to the ancient capital of the South, Kyoto.

Tokyo – lots of tango with maestros, Milongas, visit of the city, museums, old quarters, restaurants, shopping, temples and much more
Nikko – the temple and shrine in a thousand year old cedar forest
Kamakura – the ancient capital before it moved to Kyoto
– its geishas, temples, nature and sheer beauty
Hiroshima – and its peace memorial – a city haunted by its past
Miyajima island – the Island of the gods, mystical and beautiful
Mount Fuji – and its iconic shape – the symbol of Japan
Hakone – and its stunning and wild nature

PLACES LIMITED – the last 4 editions were fully booked! Check the website and contact us for more details.

PS: register to the free zoom info meeting in Sept: https://www.facebook.com/events/469627718969831/

The team at Tanguito

Na prvom dvo satu osvijestiti ćete kako već koristite osnovne kretnje argentinskog tanga s kojima već možete zaplesati svoj prvi tango!

🛎Novi Početni tečaj Tango Argentino za apsolutne početnike u Zagrebu počinje 10.5.2024. u terminu petak 19:30 – 21:30. Prijave 9.5.2024.

🌞Možete se predbilježiti za followera ili leadera, te za partneriranje. Upisati ga mogu postojeći followeri i leaderi koji žele upoznati tango argentino u njegovoj kompletnosti te pridružiti svom plesu cjelovitost. Zajedno učenje i ples olakšavamo te činimo veselijim.

✍️Prijave obavezne i dodatne informacije na libertango.jelena@gmail.com i +385 98 950 2738. Održavanje u Ante Kovačića 4, u ❤️ Zagreba.
Napravite svoju predbilježbu odmah, prije upisa. Rado bismo vas upisali sve. Zbog društvenih normi kako follower mora biti žena, a leader muško nismo u mogućnosti odmah svima omogućiti učenje ove krasne plesne vještine.

❤️Termini od 120minuta; male grupe (najmanja 10, najveća 20); individuali i grupni pristup; po potrebi ples s iskusním plesačicama, plesačima i maestrima; iskustvo podučavanja preko 25 godina; mogućnost pohađanja redovitih termina vježbanja,tehnike i plesa (PokreTTango, Stretch-tango).

Ograničen broj polaznika kod nas je poznata stvar. Želimo vam se pružiti 100%.
💻Prijave i informacije na: 098/9502738, libertango.jelena@gmail.com. http://libertango.eu/argentinski-tango-za-pocetnike

Napravite prvi korak. Postanite dio velikog @tango zagrljaja uz Institut argentinskog tanga LiberTango u Zagrebu.
“Tango ima veliko srce i moćan zagrljaj.”

Uvjeti za upis
Za bavljenje argentinskim tangom nema dobne granice niti bilo kojeg drugog ograničenja. Učenjem i plesanjem tango argentina stvaramo, dijelimo i komuniciramo s svijetom u svijetu. Argentinski tango nastao je obgrljavanjem kultura i običaja naroda. Nemanje plesnog partnera nije zapreka! Upisujemo jednaki broj followera i leadera. Ne plešete u paru ili željeli bih se dodatno posvetiti razvoju svoje plesne komunikacijske vještine? PokreTTango tu je za Vas.

🛎New Tango Argentino Beginner Course for absolute beginners in Zagreb starts on 10.5.2024. on Friday 19:30 – 21:30. Admissions till 9.5.2024.
🌞You can sign up for a follower or leader, and for partnering. It can be entered by existing followers and leaders who want to get to know tango argentino in its completeness and join their dance with integrity. Together, learning and dancing make it easier and happier.

💻 Registration and additional information on libertango.jelena@gmail.com, +385 98 950 2738. Maintenance in Ante Kovačića 4, ❤️ Zagreb. Make your pre-order immediately, before enrolling. We’d love to enroll you all. Due to social norms that the follower must be a woman, and the leader male we are not able to immediately enable everyone to learn this wonderful dance skill.

📱120-minute terms; small groups (smallest 10, largest 20); individual and group approach; if necessary, dancing with experienced dancers and maestros; teaching experience over 25 years; the possibility of attending regular exercise, technique and dance programs (PokreTTango, Stretch-tango).

Take the first step. Become a part of the great @tango embrace with the Argentine Tango Institute LiberTango in Zagreb.
“Tango has a big heart and powerful embrace.” – JS
He knows no limits. It can be danced by anyone, regardless of age, political 😉 and other commitments or beliefs. Dancing or the experience of any recreational skill to master it is not necessary any more than height, weight … . If you want, you can.

In the first two lessons you will become aware that you are already using the basic movements of Argentine tango with which you can already dance your first tango!