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A set of compatible tango music in either tango, vals or milonga genres. A tando is usually 3-4 songs. When dancers agree to dance they must dance the entire tanda.

Or ‘line of dance’. Dancers move in an anti-clockwise direction whilst adhering to the ronda etiquette. Large milongas may have 2 or even 3 rondas, the outer circle and inner circles.

The place dancers meet to practise tango. Practicas are informal without tandas.

The formal place dancers meet to dance tango. Milongas are structured with tandas and social etiquette. Also describes one of the music genres.

Teacher and/or mentor

Or ‘curtain’. The musical interlude tango DJ’s play in between tandas to allow time for dancers to leave the dancefloor.

Often used to describe the transcending sensation of being infinitely ‘as one’ with your dance partner. The sensation does not happen with every dance or every partner.

The beat or basic rythm of the music.

Walking steps or the tango walk.