Tango dance school in Bangalore, India

I have been dancing Tango since 1998, I was only 14, but I was hooked instantly! Since then I have become a teacher and regularly DJ at the local Edinburgh milongas. I have taught all over Scotland, mainly in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Sultans of Istanbul Tango Marathon & Festival has been organized over 10 years in various formats. Ourgathering was warmly received by over 1000’s of dancers from around the globe, and its reverberations are still felt worldwide today!

Numerous beautiful tandas, heartfelt emotions, inspiring words, videos, and photographs have been shared, capturing the essence of these incredible spring edition. We are immensely grateful to everyone who has joined us in recent years.

I was born in Palo Alto, California and raised in what is now called Silicon Valley.  I’ve lived many places and currently am traveling Europe.  I have been studying dance and yoga since I was five.  I’ve danced tango about eight years.

I organize Tango Classes and Weekend workshops for visiting Argentine Tango professional dancers and instructors.

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My name is Jesus S. Acosta and I dance to be just who I am.

I believe that connecting to our body –breath, feelings and sensations– is fundamental for being a whole, functional, human being.

I founded Dance in Conversation, a confluence of perspectives, a community engaged in understanding how dancing transforms our lives.