I know, I know. Ha ha

This made me chuckle!

Te comprendo, Martín. Mi pareja y yo estamos en los 70 y hasta hoy bailamos como si tuviéramos 40. Pero los últimos meses un molesto silbido en mi oído (esta vez en mi propio oído) que llamamos tinnitus me está produciendo un perturbador micro vértigo de vez en cuando. ..ya veces Oh!! mientras bailo!

Esto me está planteando abandonar esta pasión tanguera, pero me digo a mí mismo que también podría sucederle a un bailarín de 30 años y seguramente intentaría seguir bailando mientras pudiera, así que yo estoy haciendo lo mismo. ¡Mis parejas de baile habituales ya van conociendo mi problema y milagro! aún no me han relegado en la lista de espera, pero no me extrañaría que comenzaran a mirar para el lado contrario para no encontrarse con mi mirada en mi intento de cabeceo en el momento menos pensado.

Thank you so much!

Clever and eloquent article, yet funny and honest without ever feeling like vacuous self-pity. More please!

I see that my response to this has been rudely disturbed by a pandemic. I actually dance a lot at my own milonga, leading by example so to speak, pun intended. Of course, I try to enroll as many leaders in the same mission to give everybody a good time which over time has been successful, creating some critical mass of leaders willing to contribute to the bigger cause next to the ones that are more selective, which is also totally okay. As for the outsider part, your strategy is also very useful for me. I wrote a piece on our primate roots that sort of explains the background of it, purely in the interest of science of course 🙂


The irony of your evocation of Scent of a Woman is that the tanguero is blind. Perhaps dress is relevant only to those on the sidelines, the realm of failed and rejected cabeceos. The dancers are otherwise engaged, in thrall to an experience that owes nothing to sight. A sensual embrace, musical surrender, and yes, even scent rule those incandescent moments!

One tango woman I met recently commented that maybe tango is not actually better than sex, ‘but definitely longer’.  Just sharing, all in the interest of science of course.

24 September to 8 October | 2022

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