The irony of your evocation of Scent of a Woman is that the tanguero is blind. Perhaps dress is relevant only to those on the sidelines, the realm of failed and rejected cabeceos. The dancers are otherwise engaged, in thrall to an experience that owes nothing to sight. A sensual embrace, musical surrender, and yes, even scent rule those incandescent moments!

One tango woman I met recently commented that maybe tango is not actually better than sex, ‘but definitely longer’.  Just sharing, all in the interest of science of course.

24 September to 8 October | 2022

Enjoy Tango on holiday! Learn, relax, dance, enjoy!

So nostalgic, so deprived

Hi David, I’m sorry for your misfortune and I hope you will recover as soon as possible. To be clear, we are not opening our milonga yet, and if we would, it would be with sensible safety measures. I am writing this from the perspective of the milonga organizers exploring where our responsibilities end, and where the individual tango dancer’s responsibility starts. We are a not- for-profit social initiative, with no other objective than optimizing pleasure. There comes a moment where we have to decide whether the risk associated with our invitation is a public or private matter. Hence my reference to traffic related risks. Thank you for giving your opinion, it helps me put things in perspective.

As one who caught Covid in March and who has yet to fully recover, I suggest that you do not just consider this virus to be something that is only accompanied by a low mortality rate. We don’t yet know the full implications of “long Covid” and I can only speak from a personal point of view but my own fear is that I am now permanently handicapped by shortness of breath on exertion. Tango, for me, may now be even more minimalist than it had already become. My strong advice is this. No hobby, however passionate you feel about it, is worth this risk just yet and possibly not until you can be protected by a vaccine.

Sadly, a likely scenario. Will we even trust a certificate on an app? And how will that work internationally? Keep the fire burning somehow rather than handing on the ashes.

🙂 Thank YOU for acknowledging my ‘wonderful’ comment!

hahahahaha!!!!!!:):) I missed this wonderful comment and I acknowledge you for taking comments seriously.