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Find answers and tips in the community support forum on how to post your Argentine Tango news and events and how to get the best out of Tangofolly. Post your questions too and report a bug.

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Community Forum Troubleshooting


If you perceive a problem, something is not working as you expect it to, or, you need help with anything at all on Tangofolly submit a note to the webmaster to ask a question or report a bug.

Community Forum Troubleshooting


Feedback and awesome ideas for making improvements from our community of members. If you have an idea or just want to let us know what you think about Tangofolly we would love to hear it!

Community Forum Troubleshooting


Questions from members and webmaster’s tips on how to create and manage your page, events, stories and market listings and how to make best use of all the promotion tools on Tangofolly.

Community Forum Troubleshooting


An ever-growing list of popular and known words and phrases used in tango culture past and present. Like wikapedia, members can add words and phrases to the dictionary and discuss.

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