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SUNDAY at Los Angelitos from 2pm to 8pm!! The VERY LAST WEEKEND WORKSHOPS & MILONGA with the warm heated and incredibly talented Juan Martin and Stefania… Don’t miss it for any reason: last Sunday was one of our best ever Los Angelitos :).

WORKSHOP THEME: TANGO – Study of the cadencia. Practical application on masters orchestras: D’Arienzo vs Pugliese

Tony Walker will then make you dance until 8pm, so expect wonderful tandas until late!


» 2pm – 3pm Beginners & Improvers by JM&S
» 3pm – 4.30pm Intermediates & Advanced by JM&S
» THEME: Musicality: Study of the cadencia. Practical application on masters orchestras: D’Arienzo vs Pugliese
» 4.30pm – 8pm TEA DANCE MILONGA with DJ Tony Walker! Free tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits
» £12: 60-min Beginner class, £16: 90-min Intermediates class (incl entry to milonga), or £20: both classes, £8: Milonga only.

Nos vemos!

Tony, Juan Martin Carrara, Stefania Colina, Nati & Bruno


Sun, 04 Sep 2016, 00:00
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Unity Hall, 277A Upper Street, Angel, London UK

Event posted by: TANGUITO Bruno

About the author: Organiser, Professional Dancer, Teacher from London

Published: 3 Sep 2016 @ 17:01

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 19:59

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