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By Jelena Somogyi and Mario Medvedec

Beginner / intermediate level of Argentine tango

July 16 – 21: evening class, (8-10pm) +one-hour practica (10-11 pm). On the last Day (Saturday) two-hour revision (6-8pm) + milonga (8:20 – 11:23 pm) Membership fee per person is 350,00 HRK/50 EUROs.

Academy, middle / advanced level of Argentine tango

July 23 – 28, evening class (7:30pm – 10 pm) + one-hour practica. On the last Day (Saturday) revision (5:30 – 8:00 pm) + milonga (8:20 – 11:23 pm). Membership fee per person is 400,00 HRK/55 EURO.
Beginner / intermediate level of Argentine tango

August 6 – 11: evening class (8-10pm) + one- hour practica (10-11 pm) . On the last day (Saturday) two-hour revision (6-8pm) followed by milonga (8:20 – 11:23 pm) . Membership fee per person is 350,00 HRK/50 EUR.

Academy, middle / advanced level of Argentine tango

August 13 – 18, evening class(7:30pm – 10 pm) + one-hour practica. On the last day (Saturday) revision (5:30 – 8:00 pm) followed by milonga (8:20 – 11:23). Mmbership fee per person is 400,00 HRK/55 EUR.

More about levels and themes

1) Beginners – dancers with very little or no experience of Argentine tango) and intermediate level (dancers with basic knowledge of Argentine tango) – learning and mastering the basic structure of the movement; upgrading with the idea of a given conceptual combination; development and impro ement of improvisation skills; regular communication exercises

2) Intermediate and advanced level of argentine tango is aimed for the dancers who intend to deepen their dance communication and knowledge by creating their own ideas from new and upgraded movements to different tango music and regular communication exercises.

Registrations and other information
Please confirm your registration as soon as possible. Group is maximum up to 16 people and pairs are no required. Classes are held in the centre of Zagreb, Ante Kovačića 4. Advantages of earlier booking.

Advantages of earlier booking

By booking at least 15 days prior to the start date you will receive 30% discount on cash payment or 20% on cashless payment. Subsequent bookings are available for full membership.

Membership fees and application steps

1) By electronic mail on or by contact forms on the web sites (does not work on mobile phone) with the basic personal data and it is necessary the same if we apply for the person we are applying with (1st name and last name, 2nd mobile phone number, 3rd electronic address)

3) Enter the program name and date

4) The last step that you choose is how to pay for membership fees – payment on


Mon, 16 Jul 2018, 19:00
ends Sat 28 Jul, 23:00



Attend .
Ante Kovačića 4 Zagreb Croatia

Event posted by: Jelena Somogyi

About the author: Artist, DJ, Network, Organiser, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer, Teacher, Therapist, Writer from Zagreb

Published: 21 Jun 2018 @ 14:21

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 14:04

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