12th Intensive Summer School of Argentine Tango in Zagreb, Academy July 22 – 27, 2019

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Zagreb, Croatia


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12th Intensive Summer School of Argentine Tango in Zagreb, Academy Argentine tango July 22 – 27, 2019 by Jelena Somogyi and Mario Medvedec

“Tango has a big heart and a powerful embrace.” – Jelena Somogyi maestra of tango argentino

In the evening for 2.5 hours, 7:30pm – 10 pm + one hour practica. The last day, Saturday two-hour and half revision 5:30 – 8:00 pm and milonga. The user membership fee per person is 450 -500 HRKa or 60/70 EUROs.

On Saturday togethers dinner.

First term – applications open. Entries from 1 June to 1 July.

ACADEMY (middle and advanced level of argentino tango) is aimed for dancers who intend to deepen their dance communication and knowledge by creating their own ideas from new and upgraded movements to different tango music expressions and regular communication exercises – also we will explore new movements.

Registrations and other information

Advantages of earlier booking

Please confirm your registration as soon as possible. Group is maximum up to 16 people and pairs are no required. Classes are held in the centre of Zagreb, Ante Kovačića 4. Advantages of earlier booking.

By booking at least 1 months prior to the start date you will receive 30% discount on cash payment or 20% on cashless payment. Subsequent bookings are available for full membership.

Membership fees and application steps

1) By electronic mail on libertango.jelena@gmail.com or by contact forms on the web sites www.libertango.eu (does not work on mobile phone) www.tangocroatia.weebly.com with the basic personal data and it is necessary the same if we apply for the person we are applying with (1st name and last name, 2nd mobile phone number, 3rd electronic address)

3) Enter the program name and date if you need advice or you have wishes (private classes, truistic tours)

4) The last step that you choose is how to pay for membership fees – payment on

Also you can take package​ of 4 private classes or one private class as also additional prog. PokreTTango.

About Jelena and Mario

An important part of the dance is belief in the aesthetics and should not be neglected. When we start to feel comfortable with the movement in body and mind, we can focus on the beauty of its external shape for us and then with person with whom we are creating tango story. Changing the phrases and essence of movement and motion can bring great diversity in the dance. Even in the simplest movements. This again enables us to interpret many different music with the awareness of motion optimization and mutual communication.

Dancers as equals in the couple and they both contribute to the dance equally.

Communication goes both ways. By suggesting, understanding and sharing a movement inspired by each other on the music we are both actively and willingly participating in the creating dance story.


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