13.08 LOS ANGELITOS Special with Juan Martin & Stefania

Event | TANGUITO Bruno


Sun, 13 Aug 2017, 14:00
ends 20:00


, UK



Don’t miss the special Sunday milonga on 13.08 for anything in the world! The afternoon will be hosted by Intercontinental champions Juan Martin and Stefania giving exclusive workshops and DJing at the milonga. Now if this is not a treat…

The afternoon will start with two workshops with Juan Martin and Stefania, Beginners & Improvers followed by Intermediate & Advanced, around the theme: “TANGO Musicality: rythms, and application for a clear change of dynamics and widening of interpretation”. Make your tango beautifully in sync with the music!

From 4.30pm starts the non-stop milonga with the maestros. Juan Martin will be behind the decks. Expect amazing music – Juan Martin is, in its own right, an inspirational musicalizador!

» 2pm-3pm: Beginners and Improvers by JM&S. “Study of the fundamental rhythms in tango”
» 3pm-4.30pm: Intermediates & Advanced by JM&S. “Musicality – application for a clear change of dynamics and widening of interpretation”
» 4.30pm-8pm: NON STOP MILONGA with DJ JM
» £12 beginners, £16 Intermediates, £20 both workshops, £8 Milonga only
» LOCATION: Unity, 277A Upper Street, London N1 2TZ

Los esperamos! ~~~
Juan Martin, Stefania, Nati, Bruno and baby Victoria!