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Tango Milonguero, sun, sea, myths, flavors, cuisine and culture of Calabria will meet together in a unique event, where hugs will become emotions and every moment will become a special memory to share.

The Tangomalia association presents the second “Encuentro Milonguero en Reggio Calabria”.
We are waiting for you to experience the Second International event for all the miloguero style lovers, in one of the most evocative views of the Calabrian coast, in the respect of codigos de milonga; an opportunity to meet and get to know with each other.
Tango lived in a simple way, with traditional music, close embrace, invitation with mirada and cabeceo for a silent and accomplice choice.

We will embrace and live a weekend of true Tango Milonguero, but not only, we will get to know with each other, we’ll share experiences and emotions, we’ll eat typical dishes of exquisite Calabrian cusine; we’ll visit together part of the history and culture of Calabria, with its mythical Bronzes of Riace and the other numerous archaeological finds of the National Museum of Magna Grecia; we’ll discover the legend of Scylla and Caridi; we’ll immerse ourselves in the spectacular Scilla beach and we’ll be amazed by the wonderful and suggestive Chianalea, the ancient and mysterious fishing village, awarded “Borgo dei Borghi” in 2016.
We will experience the inimitable landscape of the “Le Saline Resort”, with the Etna volcano that will observe and warm our embraces, while it faces and reflects itself on the sparkling sea of the strait.
We’ll enjoy the long beach that forms the “tip of the boot of Italy”; we will look out over the boundless and clear waters of the Ionian Sea, which mirror the verdant colors of the Mediterranean maquis; we will swim in this crystal clear sea and we’ll take the warm sun of Calabria.
We will be pampered by the Spa of the Resort, we’ll have relax in the beautiful outdoor swimming pool or we’ll train in the gym to regenerate body and mind.
In short, we will spend a magical, unique and unforgettable weekend together!

Limited registration for up to 120 people, admission by reservation.

Milongas, accommodation, meals will take place in the same location, allowing the socialization of the participants.

Visits and excursions during the weekend of the Encuentro Milonguero.


LOCATION: “Le Saline Resort” Contrada Pantanello, Traversa V Fraz. Saline Joniche 89060 Montebello Jonico (RC)

Contact us for any info and reservation:
Gabriele Tringali: 3931364942
Giuseppina Romeo: 3332483851
Pietro Di Fabio 3395815000


Super TDJs: Giuseppina Renzulli (Bari), Daniele Musumeci (Catania), Matteo Alecci (Catania), Antonio Davì (Palermo), Bruno Arini (Marsala)

🔴 Venerdì/Friday – 4 October 2019

Dalle/From 14:00
– Check-in

Dalle/From 16:00 alle/to 20:00
– Milonga “La Bienvenida”
(TDJ Giuseppina Renzulli – Bari)

Dalle/From 20:00 alle/to 22:00
– Cena a Buffet/Buffet Dinner

Dalle/From 22:00
– Milonga “La Baldosa” –
(TDJ Daniele Musumeci – Catania)

🔴 Sabato/Saturday – 5 October 2019

Dalle/From 08:00 alle/to 10:30
– Colazione/Breakfast

Dalle/From 10:30 alle/to 13:00
– Visita dell’incantevole Scilla e di Chianalea, il suo antico e suggestivo borgo di pescatori premiato “Borgo dei Borghi” nel 2016 / Visit to the stunning Scilla and Chianalea, its suggestive fishing ancient village that won the national award “Borgo dei Borghi” in 2016

Dalle/From 12:30 alle/to 14:30
– Pranzo/Lunch

Dalle/From 16:00 alle/to 20:00
– Milonga “La Bruja”
(TDJ Matteo Alecci – Catania)

Dalle/From 20:00 alle/to 22:00
– Cena Buffet/Buffet Dinner

Dalle/From 22:00
– Milonga “La Pasionàl”
(TDJ Antonio Davì – Palermo)

🔴 Domenica/Sunday – 6 October 2019

Dalle/From 08:00 alle/to 10:30
– Colazione/Breakfast

Dalle/From 10:30 alle/to 13:00
– Visita al Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, dove si trovano i Bronzi di Riace/Visit to the Magna Grecia National Museum where the Riace’s Bronzes are located

Dalle/From 12:30 alle/to 14:30
– Pranzo/Lunch

Dalle/From 15:00
– Milonga “La Despedida”
(TDJ Bruno Arini – Marsala)




Register in advance.


Registration opens (date not specified)
Registration has now closed.


Attend .

Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 26 May 2019 @ 07:44

Last modified: 26 May 2019 @ 07:44

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