2022 Summer Workshop Series – The Magic of Tango


Sun, 06 Mar 2022, 16:30
ends Sat, 19 Mar, 19:00


Brisbane, Australia


Register in advance.


Class in Brisbane

Three 2.5 hour workshops, over 3 weeks, for couples wanting to experience, or return to, classic social Tango of the milongas.

What do we Teach

  • We concentrate on technique and feeling, rather than sequences.

  • We use sequences to demonstrate possibilities, but don’t expect them to be the same each time.

  • We emphasise the invite / accept conversation, connection with your partner, everyone in the room, and the music;

  • We will help you find your dance, responding to your partner, the music, the room and the vibe.  (It’s a lot like learning your sport – practicing the technique and possibilities, but, once the game is on, responding in the moment).

You will Learn

  1. The fundamentals of social Tango, dancing comfortably in a close embrace with your partner, on a busy dance floor;

  2. The secret of the Tango “silent conversation” between two bodies, equally sharing, giving and taking time and space;

  3. The variety and special beauty of Tango music for dancing;

  4. The codes and history of Tango that lets you walk into any Tango milonga in the world.