25th International Taboe Tango Camp

Event | Paul Vossen






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next winter: 26/27 Dec 2019 – 1 Jan 2020  (NL)
BOOKING OPEN end of September

We wish to add a smile and a little more love to the world.
Average review of last camp by more than 100 participants: more than 9 out of 10 points.

YIN YANG is our next Camp theme!

We start with an extra optional milonga on 26 Dec. with La Milonguitos (La Plata, Arg) live, optional B&B and on the 27th of Dec. a seminar by Natalia Agüero & Agustín Venturino.

The Taboe Tango Camps offer playful/social Tango – 18 workshops daily free to choose and all included – bed & food (optional) – ca. 180 dancers with 20+ nationalities – 10 international teachers – bodywork – awareness gatherings – sharing groups – special surprises and rituals – mixed music – massage – privates &  many new friends!

The Taboe Tango Camp is on the one hand just a tango event with many hours of dancing, mixed music and about 70 workshops to choose freely from. On the other hand the camp aims to actively build an open, connected and heartful community where we are invited to wash some dust of life from our souls. We embrace diversity and invite you to be yourself.

On our impressions page you will find many inspirational videos and photos.

Tango is just the beginning …