9. tanGO TO istanbul (1-5 March 2017)

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Wed, 01 Mar 2017, 08:00
ends Sun, 05 Mar, 08:00


, Turkey






Javier Rodriguez & Fatima Vitale

Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez

Carlos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado

Giampiero Cantone & Francesca Del Buono

Dmitry Vasin & Sagdiana Hamzina


TanGO TO Istanbul, a comprehensive and international festival of tango music and dance, is the premier event of IstanbulTANGO.

The festival is a 5 day rendezvous in Istanbul, where tango dancers from throughout the world will meet to share their knowledge and experience, dance with joy and make new friends. In the daytime, unlike other festivals, you will have the opportunity not only to take classes but also to take part in uniquely Turkish activities with your Tango companions; a boat tour of the Bosphorus as a milonga so that you can have a unique experience that you have never had before. We believe that this will give you the opportunity for a versatile and fulfilling Istanbul experience…

When we set out foot outside Argentina, it is very clear to see that tango is rising year by year throughtout the world by milongas, festivals and countless organizations. Among all of them, one in İstanbul may be named as being the most spectacular and different one compared to others; TanGO TO istanbul which is organized by Murat Elmadağlı and Eşref Tekinalp since 2009. They started their very first festival in 2009 with the participation of 150 people on the Gala night as they recently hosted 2000 people on the Gala night last year with a great success over the years. There were 58 countries attented to this magnificent organization from all over the world which made the festival very special. The two creators of this great success says;
For us tango is not only a dance, it is also a music. That is why we decided to host the best orchestras of Argentina in our festivals which made our festivals different and special indeed. Also, some crazy ideas have developed as we brought Color Tango and Sexteto Milonguero together playing at the Çırağan Palace, the house of the last Ottoman Empire where the atmosphere is more than magical. Moreover, sound clash of the legends actualized as Color Tango and Los Reyes del Tango played respectively tanda by tanda which ended by playing La Cumparsita together where all the maestros accompanied with their beautiful shows.
We are also very glad to find a chance to work with the best maestros of Argentina like Javier Rodriguez-Noelia Barsi (with Virginia Pandolfi previous years), Dana Frigoli – Adrian Ferreyra, Sebastian Achaval – Roxana Suarez, Sebastian Jimenez – Maria Ines Bogado, Carlos Espinoza – Noelia Hurtado, Gaston Torelli – Moira Castellano, Esteban Moreno – Claudia Codega, Federico Naveira – Sabrina Masso, El Pajaro – Belen, Ezequiel Farfaro – Lucia Mazer and many others. We also give opportunity to some Turkish dancers like Aydın – Pelin, Murat – Elif, Eşref – Vanessa, Alper – Selen and many others. High quality in tango is always what we look for.
In order to catch a different atmosphere, we came up with the idea of Bosphorous Boat Milonga where the equal number of man and woman dance and travel between Europe and Asia with a wonderful view on the sea. Imagine a boat with hardwood floor surrounded by clear windows which entegrates you to with Bosphorous directly. And also an open area at the top gives you a chance to dance under the stars where every tango lover should experience in their lives.
Regarding the selection of the venues, we always try to select the spiritual places of İstanbul like Çırağan Palace, the last house of Ottooman Empire. When you walk inside the palace, you can feel the glory and richness of the Empire times and dancing with a wonderful view of Bosphorus.
In order to surprise our attendees, we always try to came up with a new idea in our festivals each year.
Afterall with the passing years, we are getting more and more passionate and energetic with the great support of Tango lovers from all over the world. Tango surrounds our lives, we feel it each time with the most amazing maestros, orchestras and DJ’s of the Universe where we brought them together in Istanbul which is one of the most beloved and historical Cities in the World. We promise to people; Your Tango journey will be an unforgettable one.”
Therefore, where Buenos Aires is called as the capital of Tango in the world, then we can definitely call Istanbul ‘The Capital of Tango in Europe’.