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A los Amigos vol. 9 – Rethymno/Crete 

We welcome you to the new edition of A los Amigos & we thank you for being by our side all this time and for your trust to dive with us in this new experience.
A los Amigos is being modified to ensure safety and in order to comply with the current covid restrictions. For this reason we will be offering the following proposal for 2021:
– We can only host a very limited number of participants (max 100).
– Our maestros MARIANO CHICHO FRUMBOLI-JUANA SEPULVEDA and FERNANDO SANCHEZ-ARIADNA NAVEIRA will be offering workshops & seminars for the 3 days of the festival (14 classes in total).
– Registration will be possible for single dancers (subject to availability) and couples according to your level of dancing (2 levels: inter/advanced & advanced)
– There will be 3 packages offered: the INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED (7 workshops, tango show, all other activities), the ADVANCED (3 workshops, a 3-day seminar with C/J, a masterclass with both couples, tango show, all other activities) & the FULL PACK option with a great discount for all the activities of the festival. For those of you who want to take advantage of the FULL IMMERSION!
– A TANGO SHOW in an open air theatre featuring our maestros & invited guests.
– Photo exhibitions, video projections & round tables with our maestros will be the parallel activities during the festival.
– And of course, the beach and the beauties of our city will be at your feet!
– Covid protocols will be in use (vaccination certificate, 48-hour negative pcr test, IGG antibodies, self tests on the spot available)
In other words: we propose to you a very cosy & personal experience to return as smoothly as possible to normality. We will practically form 2 study groups of 25 (max!) lucky couples each, a unique chance to work closely with our maestros and come back to the new tango reality!

As you have noticed we cannot plan any milongas (yet). Dancing is currently prohibited in Greece by state law, so complying with the rules, we have only scheduled a tango show.

We offer you instead 3 days of intense studying with 2 of the world’s best maestros’ couples (MARIANO CHICHO FRUMBOLI-JUANA SEPULVEDA and FERNANDO SANCHEZ-ARIADNA NAVEIRA) & many parallel activities to enrich your Crete-tango-experience!
If in the meantime dancing is set free (we are confident about it), we will of course add the night & day milongas to our schedule, to make it even more worthwhile for you to join! At NO EXTRA COST for those registered!

– REGISTRATION will start on JULY 1st through our site

Covid cancellation policy:
Considering the situation with covid, the event will be held if the national regulations still allow it in September.
At this moment Greece is not considered a high risk country (green), it has a low number of new cases, vaccination is proceeding well and events are being planned again.
If things change unexpectedly and we are not allowed to hold the event by government law, we will notify you in time (no later than 2 weeks before) in order to cancel your reservations, and of course you will receive a full refund.
If government authorities (in your country or ours) or new restrictions prohibit you from entering the country, you will be entitled to a complete refund of the festival fees, as well.

This is a time to reinvent ourselves, and make a reboot of all our previous knowledge. We strongly believe that taking the first step takes courage & lots of faith, but we have plenty of it, and we trust our friends to support us in this new adventure!

Thank you in advance & see you in Rethymno!
Sofia, Manolis & The Team
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Emm. Vernadou 12 Rethymno Greece

Event posted by: Sofia Galanaki

About the author: Organiser, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer, Teacher from Rethymno

Published: 29 Jun 2021 @ 16:28

Last modified: 29 Jun 2021 @ 16:28

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