Abrazo Tango Metz Festival #4

Event | Rizzo Didier






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Ruben y Sabrina Veliz
Maria Filali y Giovanni Eredia
Chloe y Dionisis Theodoropoulos
Leo Calvelli y Eugenia Usandivaras


Guillermo Fernández y Tango Sonos Quartet
Sexteto Milonguero
Tango en Vivo


DJ Dani Vilariño
DJ Pablo Calvelli
DJ Daniel Pereyra
DJ Aurora Fornuto

Guests: Pablo Calvelli & Natalia Cristofaro and Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

Pass milonga/practica 80€
Full pass = pass + “Conexión Piazzolla” 98€

3 orchestras, 4 DJs
32 hours of tango (5 milongas, 3 practicas)


11 workshops, 4 seminars (3*1h30)

Show “Conexión Piazzolla” with Guillermo Fernández, Tango Sonos Quartet, Leo Calvelli y Eugenia Usandivaras, Chloe e Dionisis Theodoropoulos, Pablo Calvelli y Natalia Cristofaro, Anibal Lautaro y Valeria Maside

Abrazo Tango Metz Festival #4 (29 May – 2 June 2019)

Fourth edition of the international tango festival of Metz. Once again concentrated in time, during the extended weekend of the Feast of the Ascension, and refocused on the beautiful city of Metz with two places near the Metz station (milongas of beginning and end, courses and seminars, practicas) and a beautiful room for two milongas less than 7km from the city center.

The pass gives access to milongas including 3 with orchestras and demonstration of maestros and practicas. The full pass includes the show.