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Let’s get ready for the 6th International Edition AMBER & WINDS TANGO MARATHON July 25-29, in Liepaja, Latvia !

Treat Yourself again to an unforgettable summer seaside tango weekend along with other friends from all over the world!

Excellent DJs * Perfect venues * Comfortable dancefloors * Codigos respected * Up to 250 dancers in gender balance * …white sandy beaches included!

Confirmed DJs (…list to be completed)
– Tatiana TatiVany (UA)
– Gregor Tangonaut (CH)
– Paulo Matos (PT)
– Vlad Ventru (LV)

What else is included:
…summer, sea, tango… AND:
* Best wooden parquett dancefloor in Liepaja for night milongas Thursday to Sunday from July 25-29 at Liepajas Latviešu biedribas nams with welcome drinks, free water and small local snacks
* Beach party day milongas Friday, Saturday and Sunday on the dancefloor at Red Sun Buffet at the Baltic Sea white sand beach
* Sunday Sunrise Peña on the Beach with warming drinks and small refreshments
* All-Friends excellent international DJ Team to be announced
* Pre-Party Milonga on Wednesday, hostel by Liepaja Tango Community (not included into Passes)
* AfterParty Milonga on Monday in Riga (included into Full Pass)
* Tango Shoes from Bandolera Tango Shoes
* All night cafe at the venue for coffee, tea & other warming beverages and snacks to keep up Your energy levels for dancing all night long
* Official photographers: to be announced

…Inspired by the Sea Port atmosphere, white sandy beaches and our shared passion for Tango, it may well become your most memorable time this summer.

Join us to meet old friends and make new ones. To dance, to embrace, to enjoy!

REGISTRATION FOR 2019 open from February 15 via


Sincerely Yours, on behalf of Amber & Winds Tango Marathon Liepaja
Andres, Tatiana, Ginta

Powered by Buena Junta tango club Riga and El Abrazo Argentīnas Tango (El Abrazo Estudio del Tango Riga)




Register in advance.


Registration opens Fri, 15 Feb 2019, 00:00
Registration has now closed.


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Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 4 May 2019 @ 08:08

Last modified: 4 May 2019 @ 08:09

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