Argentine Folkore Weekend with Pamela Roldan

Event | Yemi Olagunju


Sat, 11 Mar 2017, 13:00
ends Sun, 12 Mar, 17:00


, UK



Tango Compay presents…

Introduction to Argentine Folklore Weekend with Pamela Roldan [Argentina].

WS 1. GATO and variations
Level: Complete Beginners | 11th March 2017 | 1330hrs – 1500hrs |
Focused on learning: basic elements and basic steps, posture, figures, choreography, localization, character of the dance.
Price: £15

WS 2. Improving CHACARERA
Level: beginners-intermediates | 11th March 2017 | 1530hrs – 1700hrs |
Focused on learning: basic elements and basic steps, posture, figures, choreography, localization, character of the dance. If time allows is possible to work on musicality, stylization and interpretation.
Price: £15

WS 3. ZAMBA Basics
Level: beginners-intermediates | 12th March 2017 | 1330hrs – 1500hrs |
Focused on learning: basic elements and basic steps, encircling movements, handkerchief use, rhythm.
Price: £15

WS 4. Improving ZAMBA
Level: intermediate | 12th March 2017 | 1530hrs – 1700hrs |
A deeper understanding of Zamba.
*Pre-requisite: you must have attended WS3 beforehand.
Price: £15

Advanced Booking Discounts apply.
All-Weekend Pass [all four classes]: £50
Two-Class Pass: £25

GATO is a couple dance, similar to Chacarera but shorter, where participants move around the space until the final encounter in the centre. As well as in Chacarera, the female role is to seduce the man using her skirt and the male role is to show strength and power by making a combination of stamps on the floor with his feet. It may be possible to also work on ideas for ZARANDEO (female’s role) and ZAPATEO (male’s role).

CHACARERA is a lively dance from the central part of Argentina. Its rhythm can be faster or slower depending on the province where it originated from. It is a festive, yet seductive dance where a couple travels around the space until the end where they both meet in the centre.

ZAMBA appears in Argentina as a combination of dances that entered from Perú and Chile. Its rhythm variates acording to the region where it is danced or played. Its seductive character leads the couple around the space during continuing encounters, playing with handkerchiefs as a symbol of love. Zamba is a deeply meaningful dance that allows the dancers to create poetry in their movement.

Pamela Roldán is distinguished for her joy and grace in dancing, as well as for her connection with the audience. As a teacher she offers dynamic and entertaining workshops, balancing theoretical with expressive content. Pamela has lectured and presented Argentine Folkloric Dance performances in Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Tampere and Helsinki. Pamela Roldán is Argentine, began her career at age six in Los Polvorines, province of Buenos Aires, in the Ballet del Sur folk group. She studied Argentinian Folk Dances and Argentine Tango at the Instituto Folklórico Argentino of Los Polvorines and at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (formerly IUNA) in Buenos Aires. Her father was a jury and organizer of national folk competitions and other events in which Pamela participated dancing and assisting in the organization. She has also studied Arabian and Latin dances, American, Afro, Indian, contemporary dance and yoga, among others. Pamela has experience in the field of teaching for children and adults in Argentina and Europe. In addition, Pamela has studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. She worked as a social photographer and participated in audiovisual and event productions in the City of Buenos Aires. She currently lives in Tampere, Finland, where she works as a fitness instructor, dancer and teacher of Argentine Tango and Folklore, founder of Buenos Tangos Tampere club and Luna Pampeana.