Argentine Tango Drop-In Class at Ixworth Hall, Chelsea

Event | Jane Solomon


Thu, 20 Oct 2016, 00:00
ends 00:00


, UK



This is a regular class which takes place every week.

Beginner/Intermediate class covering all the basics of Argentine Tango. We will focus on principles of the following as well as practising step sequences and improvisations:

– Posture, Embrace, Balance, Principles of Leading & Following Technique & Footwork

– Salida & Salida Cruzada (Basic 8 and Cross Basic)

– Caminata (Walks)

– Ochos (Figures of 8)

– Medio-Giros (Half-turns)

– Boleos (Leg Whips)

– Ganchos (Hooks)

– Sacadas (Displacements of Foot or Leg)

– Paradas (Stops)