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Maestros, tangueras, tangueros, and DJs from all over the world will join us for this inaugural Tango Festival in Armenia – the ancient land at the crossroads of East and West. The festival includes two weekends of workshops, milongas, after-parties, and guided tours of the capital city and the regions.

The opening milonga will take place on the rooftop of the beautiful boutique hotel, Fourteenth Floor, in the heart of Yerevan. We will dance in the fresh air and beautiful sunset till midnight. The next three days will be filled with workshops, milongas, and tours throughout Armenia. There will be a special trip to Shorja, Sevan for an Armenian barbeque. Finally, in one of the most beautiful regions of the country – Tsakhkadzor – we will continue with workshops and our gala milonga at the Grand Sports Complex.

We have full package from 21st – 30th of June, but if you are planning to come only one weekend, you can choose between the following options in Yerevan or in Tsakhkadzor.

• 21st – 23rd of June Festival in Yerevan
• 23rd – 28th of June Tango tour in Armenia
• 28th – 30th of June Tsakhkadzor (all inclusive)

Recommended packages !!!!!

1. Full budget package 685Euro and special package 875Euro
2. Yerevan Milonga (3) + Workshops(3) Package – 75 Euro
3.Tsakhkadzor Full package ( all inclusive ) – 195 Euro
More details below

Registration form for Festival:

Tango Tour packages:

If you need support to book hotel in Yerevan let us know.
All the events, workshops, milongas will be in the Center !


Long-awaited tango tour in Armenia!!
Immediately after the Tango Festival in Yerevan, we will have a tango tour throughout Armenia in various places:
• Enokavan — enjoy ziplining, paint balls, horse riding
• Lastiver – hiking, river, waterfall
• Dilijan – resort with beautiful forests and restorative weather
• Lake Sevan — with our own private beach!
• Tsakhkadzor – relaxation, workshops, and more milongas!

Please look for details and photos in the event posts.




Register in advance.


Registration opens Wed, 01 May 2019, 00:00
Registration has now closed.


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Published: 4 May 2019 @ 08:23

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