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MAKE YOUR PLANS TO BE WITH US ♥ Registration is now OPEN! 😀 Take advantage of the Early Bird!

The TEACHERS: Three couples we are really proud of Hosting:
1) We love them. But truthfully, who in the world doesn’t love LUCILA CIONCI & RODRIGO JOE CORBATA? Unprecedented in the history of the ASTF teachers, Lucila & Joe will be with us for the 4th year in a row! And for a good reason. They are awesome artists, wonderful teachers, and so much fun!
2) SOFIA SABORIDO & PABLO INZA: Talented, with grand musicality, finesse of movement, and complexity. Excellent teachers. We are thrilled they will be here with us!
3) LUCIANA VALLE & TOMAS HOWLIN: Can you believe it? “Hurricane Lucy” and the peaceful Tomas 🙂 Tomas, master of the sequential learning and skills’ integration. Luciana, dynamic and articulate. Fantastic. This is “El Motivo” you want to take their classes.

Here, you can take a peak at the rich full schedule on our website, but in summary:
– 18 wonderful classes
– 4 milongas (of which one all nighter and one with dinner and two floors, one for alternative and one (inside) for traditional music 🙂 )

Get ready to join us! Lots of learning, fun, and opportunities for shopping!

The successful formula with the venues is kept unchanged: The modern and comfortable Dance Institute + the cozy and welcoming in a more Argentinean kind of way, Esquina Tango 🙂
For those of you who will be joining us for the first time: All classes and Friday and Saturday’s milongas take place at Dance Insitute. The Asado (dinner) Milonga–a fantastic opportunity to socialize while eating yummy food and getting strong again before dancing the whole Sunday night away–takes place at Esquina 🙂

Where will you stay?
Literally NEXT DOOR to Dance Institute:
– Residence Inn by Marriott Lake Austin River Place,
6608 River Place, Austin, TX 78730 (6mins or 0.4 mile)
– Holiday Inn Express,
12703 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78750 (12mins or 7 miles)
– Hampton Inn,
10811 Pecan Park Blvd, Austin, TX 78750 (14mins or 7.3 miles)

(Visit for more info about hotel booking and special deals for festival attendees!)

And we will also have a program that will help you find a couch to crush on! Maybe something more than a couch, but there is no guarantee 😉


Fri, 24 Mar 2017, 20:00
ends Mon 27 Mar, 01:00



Attend .
6612 Sitio del Rio Blvd USA

Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 25 Dec 2016 @ 10:21

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 19:49

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