Baden-Baden International Tango Festival


Fri, 26 Nov 2021, 19:00
ends Sun, 28 Nov, 20:00


Baden-Baden, Germany


Tickets online or pay at the door.


In the world heritage site Baden-Baden at gorgeous venues such as the world famous Casino and the equally world famous Benazetsaal in the Kurhaus , this festival takes place. Great maestros from Buenos Aires together with a popular orchestra Cuarteto Rotterdam will provide a breath taking program of shows and sets of live music for the tango dancers. The Friday milonga takes place in the Casino while the Saturday milonga in the Benazetsaal of the Kurhaus. Finally, the Sunday milonga takes place in the cosy Kulisse in the Kurhaus as well. Our great artists will provide workshops as well.

Baden-Baden on its own right offers plenty to discover starting from the black forest to the many first class museums, the famous baths, to fine dining and shopping.

This is a high quality event for those who want to celebrate tango in style. It is tango at its best! Not to be missed!