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Dear friends of the International Tango Festival of Sitges, our new name is “Barcelona Tango Amigo”.

After a brilliant career of 25 editions of our Festival, we have completed a cycle in which we have all enjoyed good tango and good times, enjoying your support.

Now we are going to start a new stage in which we will continue with all our enthusiasm and energy so that we can all share more milongueros hugs and new experiences.

From this next year 2019, we propose a new concept, here are the changes we will make:

Change of dates: September

First of all, we changed the dates of the month of July and passed to SEPTEMBER, specifically from 19 to 22. It will continue to be carried out on our beloved Catalan coast, where summer is still intensely felt and the sea water is warmer, something that They will thank your tired feet when we go to dance and splash on the beach.

Change of location: Casteldefells

The second novelty is the change of location, because for this next edition we moved to the beaches of Castelldefels, neighbor of our beloved Sitges.

Change of venue: Hotel Ciudad de Casteldefells

The reason is that the format we propose is to be most of the time of this milonguera meeting located in the same hotel, which we will occupy in its entirety with tanguer @ s, because we want to enjoy in community and to enhance more the coexistence in common among the participants of the same. Without leaving one of our traces of identity, the beach tango.
Visit in this same page General Program / The Hotel / Prices to know the details and news that we will present in this next edition.

Waiting for your presence and support in this new stage, you are greeted by the board of directors of Barcelona Tango Club, organizer of the International Tango Festival of Sitges.




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