Buenos Aires & Antarctica Cruise 2017
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Discover the last untouched continent on a cruise to the “white planet”!
Antarctica is the planet’s last untouched continent. Coming here, seeing the endless white landscape and hearing nothing but nature’s silence is a powerful experience. Its oceans are unimaginably rich in bird and marine life and its surreal and haunting landscapes are like nothing else on Earth.

Special offer until End of February 2016!

No matter where you have been and what you have seen on previous travels: Antarctica is different from anything else you will ever experience. A huge cold-water current encloses this isolated continent. So here in the midst of the great white open, you will find nature at its most sublime and haunting.

Our starting point for this marvellous journey begins in Buenos Aires. We can attend Milongas in this cosmopolitan city. In addition to being considered the “birthplace of the Tango”, Buenos Aires is rich in charm and culture. Enjoy a city walk through the picturesque section of San Telmo, La Boca or shop in the trendy cosmopolitan Palermo Viejo area. You can decide, when you travel to Buenos Aires and how long you want to stay in Buenos Aires. In our offer, there is a pre-stay included from 02 – 03 January 2017 as well as after the cruise, 15 – 16 January 2017.

Tango during the cruise:
Depending of weather conditions and availability of the dance floor, we will arrange some Milongas during that cruise. So we can enjoy the fascinating views and we can dance Tango! There is a wooden dance floor in the Main Lounge onboard MS Fram.
The main focus of that cruise is not the Tango, but the fantastic landscape we will see and we will explore.


Mon 02 Jan 2017, 00:00
ends Mon 16 Jan, 00:00


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