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Our dance can be described as a continuous flow of energy that circulates from one body to another and back again.
Energy and dynamics is a relatively hard material to teach and analyse, so the goal of this workshop is to explain it in a tangible way and be able to use it.

We will work on three parts:
A.We learn how to create different levels of energy, thus provoking different moving dynamics, by using our body properly, making the right use of the floor.
B.We find out how to pass this energy to our partner and how to receive it and return it in balance.
C.Through examples, we observe how this alteration of dynamics affects our dance, making the couple more creative and powerful.

Date: Sunday, 9th February 2020
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Cost: £25 each
Location: Colomba Studio,
31 Oval Road
London NW1 7EA
(5 minutes walk from Camden Town station and 5 minutes walk to the Milonga afterwards)

Booking for the workshops
You can book with a partner and work with them during the workshop. You can also book individually. Either way, you must book for the workshop before coming as we balance the numbers. Please use the form below to start your booking. It is quick and simple to do so. If you encounter any issues during the online booking process, please email


Sun, 09 Feb 2020, 17:00
ends 19:00


Tickets available online.
Entry £25


Ticketing has now closed.


Attend .
Colomba Studio, 31 Oval Road London NW1 7EA London UK

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Published: 5 Feb 2020 @ 07:42

Last modified: 5 Feb 2020 @ 07:42

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