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This tango weekend will have a very hedonistic character! If you are not ready for the best Balkan food, unlimited drinks and enjoying the whole day, please do not apply!
But do not worry, you will not gain the weight. This will guarantee the best tango DJs from Serbia!

Dear Tangueros,
Ms.&Mr.Milonguero is organizing a beautiful Tango weekend!
The place of The Tango weekend is Salas 137, the most beautiful family farm in Vojvodina. Salas 137 is only ten kilometers away from Novi Sad, near the international highway E-75 Belgrade-Subotica. This beautifully decorated farm is a place where you can spend a quiet, yet active weekend.
Salas 137 is a unique place, if you want to enjoy the local food and drink with the authentic environment. Restaurant with traditional Vojvodina cuisine (gibanica, imperial pie, strudel with poppy seeds and nuts, pumpkin, rinflaš with 5 sauces, rolled veal roast in cream, salas sote, stuffed zucchini, …)
Within farms there and thirteen rooms equipped in Alt Deutsche (Old-German) style .
Salas 137 Garden restaurant is situated in the shade of the trees ….. In the complex there is a sauna and a small gym. Two nights and two night milongas, great food and domastic beer,wine,brandy,juices, ALL YOU CAN DRINK during ALL MEALS and MILONGAS!
Contents and services within Salaš 137:
• A horse riding school, recreational horse riding
• A carriage ride / a sledge ride
• Wine tasting
• Massage
• Children’s playground
• Courts for mini football, volleyball and badminton
• Boarding for dogs and horses
The first 12 pairs will be accommodated on the farm. Other couples will be staying in a beautiful hotel SOLE MIO****
Those couples who arrive late for the beautiful retro rooms in Salas 137 , will be accommodated in the new hotel Sole Mio, 4 km from Salas . Of course, they will every day be transported to Salas 137 , so they could enjoy the delicacies for lunch , dinner, enjoyed the Milongas and other activities . Also, they are included in “ALL INCLUSIVE” food and drinks, excluding breakfast . They may not enjoy the retro -style rooms on the farm, but they are free to enjoy the spa.
The hotel Sole Mio **** is the largest wellness center in town.. The center has 3 pools: recreational, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

The pools are designed and equipped according to international standards. Guests have access to the steam bath, Finnish sauna and friendly atmosphere of the room for relaxation and massage, as well as a gym.

During the days will be organized: wine tasting, recreational horse riding, course of making famous Vojvodina’s jam, a trip to the Petrovaradin Fortress , cruise on the Danube…
One more thing … we are expecting visits from Tangueros from Belgrade and Novi Sad which is located nearby, so we are expecting a large number of dancers 🙂
To keep everything organized, please sign up for this event no later than 16 September 2016..
For information, please send us a message here or on e – mail:


Thu, 14 Sep 2017, 13:00
ends Sun 17 Sep, 13:00



Attend .

Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 27 Dec 2016 @ 13:40

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 19:39

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