City Academy Tango Socials

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Claremont Project
24- 27 White Lion Street N1 9PD

Our Tango teachers Winston Veerender and Silvia Bivolaru run a weekly Practica, a place to come and practice what you learn in the Tango classes. Everyone is welcome to the Practica. You don’t need to bring a partner to join the Practica. You can come anytime between 7:00 pm between 10.30pm and leave when you want.

Tango is one of those dances that gets better and better with practice. Also, it is easier to remember what you learn in the classes when you practice them with fellow students. With various Tango classes running at City Academy throughout the week, the Practica provides an opportunity for students of different courses to come together.

During the Practica, you are welcome to come and ask any questions and get help from the teachers, they will be glad to help you.