Contemporary Tango Festival – Grand Opening Night


Tue, 23 Aug 2016, 00:00
ends Wed, 24 Aug, 00:00


, Germany



Milonga, time to dance from 20:00 to ~02:30
Show at 20:00 and ~23:30: Tango Circus Art Fusion with Valérie Inertie – Blending Art & Performances (Canada/Berlin) and Antti Suniala (Finland)
Live Music: Volco & Gignoli (Paris-Buenos Aires)
DJ: Mona Isabelle (Berlin) – 100% Contemporary Tango Music (Neotango, Tango Nuevo, Nontango)


Valérie Inertie is known as the best Cyr Wheel acrobat in the world. Her love for Tango, her love for Berlin and her curiosity to connect different kinds of art are the reasons for this unique performance. She asked the Finnish circus artist and Tango dancer Antti Suniala to be her partner to create a special performance for our opening night.  Valérie’s YouTube-channel with some of her breathtaking shows:
About Antti:


We will have live music to dance on with the Duo Sebastian Volco (Piano) and Pablo Gignoli (Bandoneon) from Paris with a clash of ROCK and TANGO, born in the vertigo of Buenos Aires and seasoned in Parisian underground!


Mona Isabelle from Tangoloft Berlin, who is part of the artistic board of the CTF, will be the DJane for this night. She knows the special atmosphere of Berlin Central Station very well because she was DJane already 7 times during the last years of the Contemporary Tangonight. Read an interview with her:


The Contemporary Tango Festival is dedicated to the global variety of Tango Argentino and the impact of this dance on all the international musicians, dancers, artists, performers who live and work in Berlin. Dance the world in Berlin Central Station!


You are also invited just to watch and enjoy the scene as a spectator.


Free entrance, no registration necessary


Full program CTF (online in April 2016): and here in Facebook: Contemporary Tango Festival


Contemporary Tango Festival (23.-28.08.2016) is produced by Contemporary Opera Berlin, DB Station&Service AG, Werbegemeinschaft der Berliner Bahnhöfe and Kadmos Produktion