Argentine Tango Competition, Encuentro, Milonga: #coronachallenge, where the challenge is get closer..!!
Event Argentine Tango Competition, Encuentro, Milonga | Alejandro García Cerritos | Views: 102 | Schedule: 1 | News: 0 | Shares
This event has now ended…


We create an event to recognize the great job of the DJs and to take good Tango music to all the hearts in the world.

This #coronachallenge is giving us the chance to feel close, like in a real milonga but in the distance.

Join us and fell what does it feels like.

Tonight we are going to have DJs from Italy, Colombia and México.


Free entry. Just turn up!


Fri 01 May 2020, 21:00
→ Sat 02 May, 01:30


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