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Over the weekend of 25th, 26th May we will receive Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio in Dublin and welcome dancers from all over the island and farther afield to join us for a great celebration of tango!

Did you know that Cristina and Daniel are all kinds of champions? They were on a roll and won everything in 2008: World Tango Championship (Tango salon), Metropolitan Tango Championship (Tango Salon and Milonga) and the Japan Open (Tango Salon)!

Since then they have been travelling and teaching together all over the world, as well as maintaining regular classes in Buenos Aires and being one of the most loved and respected couples in their performances.

They are such a great calibre of Maestros and you will love their instruction and guidance. They are generous, kind and fun and I’ve no doubt you will adore them!

You can read an interview on their journey together, championships and teaching methods here:

For details, please get in touch:

WhatsApp: 0866740178




Register in advance.


Registration opens Sat, 04 May 2019, 00:00
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Event posted by: Nadia Gativa

About the author: Artist, Organiser, Photographer, Social Dancer from Dublin

Published: 3 May 2019 @ 23:23

Last modified: 3 May 2019 @ 23:24

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