Dancing to the Greatest Tango Orchestras Intensive Workshop (part 1)

Event | Sacha El Masry


Sun, 05 Mar 2017, 17:00
ends 21:00


, UK



Learn the nuances of the greatest golden-era tango orchestras—part 1

This year, we are taking an in-depth (chronological) look at the great orchestras of tango’s golden era (edad de oro). We start with a workshop dedicated to the music of three of the most influential orchestras of the period, led by—and known as— Francisco Canaro, Carlos Di Sarli and Juan D’Arienzo.

These orchestras, are among the four to six greatest orchestras of the era, and tango would not be the same without them. Between them, they have produced and recorded an astounding volume of work, and for this workshop, we will select their most characteristic songs.

Partner not required. If you come as a couple you can stay together or decide to change partners, this is optional. Please note, advance booking is essential to help us ensure an even ratio whenever possible.