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After 20 successful editions in Buenos Aires, the United States and Europe, we are happy to invite you to our second European Foundations Immersion Seminar!

Please join us for 5 days focused on essential aspects of tango:


… in other words, a 21-hour immersion seminar focused on foundations, stripping your dance to its essential components and rebuilding it from the inside out!

Please note that we will *not* cover fancy steps and sequences in this seminar, but rather focus on building and refining your movement. Our goal is not to add figures but to add comfort, quality and expression, and to unify the knowledge you have accumulated over the years.

THE “TURN ODYSSEY” PROGRAM: A comprehensive exploration of turns in all their aspects: individual technique for posture, axis, weight transfers, pivots; the 3 geometries of the turn; suspensions, drops and changes of speed; incorporating classical elements such as sacadas, ganchos and boleos; changes of direction; keys for breaking away from the molinete to explore new, fully improvised options in turns.


Wed, 06 Sep 2017, 18:30
ends Sun 10 Sep, 17:30



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Kazimierz Poland

Event posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 8 Jun 2017 @ 17:09

Last modified: 12 May 2019 @ 19:13

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