Encuentro Una Mirada – Second Edition

Event | Nick King


Fri, 11 Sep 2015, 00:00
ends Sun, 13 Sep, 00:00


, UK



We are happy to invite you to join us and milonguero friends, new and familiar, at the Second Edition of Encuentro Una Mirada in Bristol, UK.

Una Mirada is an encuentro where milonguero friends are invited who can create a beautiful experience because they love to dance socially in close embrace; international DJs responsive to the ronda who play traditional tango music in tandas with cortinas; all in intimate and beautiful setting. There are no lessons, workshops or tango demonstrations.

We like:

  • Warm courtesy and respect on and off the floor, and if an occasional small bump occurs please acknowledge with a friendly apology
  • Invitation by mirada and cabeceo, as mirada/cabeceo sets us free, allowing us to choose each other
  • Asking permission via cabeceo with the approaching leader to enter the ronda
  • Close embrace dancing
  • Dancing attentively in a small space
  • Maintaining a fluid speed with the ronda. Don’t block the couple behind you, and leave enough space for the couple in front of you (e.g. to let them turn/giro comfortably)
  • Keeping our feet on the floor and elbows down
  • Leaving the dance floor to change partners after the tanda, and enjoying dancing with new people

We prepare a beautiful setting with:

  • A large, quality dance floor
  • Mixed seating for all, revised to promote a balanced distribution of people around the floor. We encourage you to choose an available seat on arrival at each milonga where you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Superb international DJs
  • 180 guests, balanced with leaders and followers
  • A separate space to relax and chat

If you do not like and appreciate these things you will not enjoy it here. If you do like these things, please come …