European Tour

Event | Simone Tolomeo


Wed, 01 Mar 2017, 00:00
ends Sat, 15 Jul, 00:00


, UK



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Description of the show:

Los Milonguitas present a carefully prepared show, one that crosses all the
essential styles according to all milongueros, in which each tanda has its originality
and a distinctive orientation. The innovative arrangements, the compositions and
the covers of historical jewels of the kind come together to retain, at all times,
the dancers on the floor while the instrumental deployment of the trio members
manages to generate the intensity of an orquesta típica.
Having grasped the dynamics of any milonga and perfect both musically and
artistically, renewing it each time for it to be unique, their repertoire for years
during authentic milongas porteñas, Los Milonguitas now offer an identity that
reflects the unique essence of the golden age of tango, while maintaining a current
and provocative insight.
The tandas and cortinas form a show completely designed for the milonguero,
with a staging beyond the purely musical register.