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5 Years ago i received the key of De Danswerkplaats and invited Michelle Marsidi and Joachim Dietiker for a festive opening. After this wonderful event the idea developed to create an evening with hours and hours of dancing, with the best marathons and encuentro’s DJ’s to give dancers an “at home marathon feeling” for just one night. The idea was good and La Roca is now a renowned milonga.

Don’t want to read all details? go straight to the ticketshop here: (or in English: )and be in time for the early bird all-in package!
Website for all info:

To celebrate 5 years La Roca I invited Michelle and Joachim back. They will give workshops and a masterclass seminar (on invitation only) and will perform.

But…. since Solo Tango was such a big hit at my 15-year anniversary festivalito june 2017 i want to make this weekend a real festival weekend and invited them back too. They play saturday AND sunday evening.
Here a little movie of Solo Tango and Michelle and Joachim performing:

Workshops by Michelle and Joachim:
Friday evening mini seminar 2 x 1,5 hours & Practica. Theme: Circular Colgadas
In this seminar we will share tips and tricks for how to create circular colgadas in an easy, secure and fun way. Some highlights we will explore:
Preparation of the body and use of body weight
Connection, communication and active response
Creating, maintaining and controlling energy and dynamic
Simple and combinations of circular colgadas
Advanced level only.

Saturday Evening workshop: Sequences for Small Space: Secrets and Compact Figures for the Dance Floor. Intermediate and advanced level.

Saturday/sunday masterclass seminar (9 hours, teachers/very advanced dancers level) about: The Joy of Vals
Pure enjoyment of vals in all its rhythms and forms! We’ll focus on deepening our technique, developing our repertoire and interpreting the music, including studying topics such as:
Circular movements and turns
Changes of direction and cadenas
Different rhythmic patterns with doubles and triples
Musicality and dynamics

Saturday daytime: DJ Toufik Cherifi
Saturday night: first concert live music by Solotango & DJ DavidxTango
Sunday daytime: DJ El Jirafa; Jacob Vosmaer
Sunday night: Performance by Michelle and Joachim, 2nd concert live music by Solo Tango & DJ Stefan Wimmer




Tickets available online or pay at the door.
Entry depending on package


Ticketing has now closed.


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Event posted by: karin venverloo

About the author: Organiser, Social Dancer, Teacher from Amersfoort

Published: 2 Jan 2019 @ 08:50

Last modified: 10 Apr 2019 @ 11:00

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