Followers technique class – Online Argentine Tango with Nella

Event | Michael Nella


Sun, 18 Oct 2020, 17:30
ends 18:30




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Every SUNDAY, learn the secrets of this amazing dance with our online Argentine tango classes. No experience or partner needed!
This new series of classes is for LADIES. We focus on the FOLLOWER role in Argentine Tango.

• : (Pacific time) ―› : FOLLOWERS technique lesson with . Open to all levels. We will go over some fundamentals elements of Tango. We will focus on exercises helping balance, posture and how to feel more free while dancing.
This is an interactive live class, so we ask guests to turn on their video (so that we can help you and give some feedbacks).


Dance from your home and connect via Zoom. RSVP on our website bellow (at least one hour before the class starts) to get all the information and the Zoom link.

Big virtual hugs,

Michael & Nella

*** We truly appreciate your support in these difficult times.
Suggested donation $10
Venmo or CashApp: @nellamichaud

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*** Recap video for you to keep included with all donations for class. We follow up with students, answer class questions and give feedbacks during the week to make sure the content of class is understood.