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Start and end the year dancing tango at Happy Tango, Encuentro of  Tango in Roquetas de Mar.

Come, enjoy and share these so endearing days of the year, with this beautiful hobby that likes us all, the Tango.

The place chosen for this occasion is the Hotel Don Angel, located on the beachfront of Roquetas de Mar, an Andalusian city that is just 18 km from Almería, with a lot history and fishing tradition. Enjoy its incredible climate, its virgin beaches and good gastronomy.

Start each day with nice breakfasts to recharge energy, enjoy pleasant strolls along the seashore, visit one of the most emblematic scenery of Western movies, enjoy afternoon milongas with beautiful sunsets, wonderful evenings talking at dinners and dancing in the milongas. These are some of the things that we propose for Happy Tango.

And of course, we will have an exquisite Gala Dinner for New Year’s Eve, we will say goodbye the year with the traditional grapes of good luck, and we will celebrate the New Year, all this and much more, without stopping dancing Tango.

All the Dinners and Milongas will be in the Hotel Don Angel, with a wonderful wooden floor, excellent sound system and Tango DJs.

We will have some Packs with accommodation in this wonderful Hotel, located in the first line of beach. These Packs will be available with a special price for a limited time, you can see all the details and prices on the Rates section.

We also have some Full Pass for the Milongas so to see all the information and prices consult on the Rates section.


So that we can all enjoy more, we will only admit a 10% difference between followers and leaders, so we recommend you registering with dance partner. If it is not possible you can register alone, and we will try to find you another individual registration.

Places are limited to 180 participants.

The inscriptions are open, don’t miss this friendly event.




Register in advance.
Entry Full Milonga Pass €90. All inclusive accommodation packs available.


Registration opens Mon, 01 Jul 2019, 00:00
Registration has now closed.


Attend .

Event posted by: David Reus

About the author: DJ, Professional Dancer, Social Dancer, Teacher from Benidorm

Published: 2 Jul 2019 @ 23:21

Last modified: 3 Jul 2019 @ 12:02

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