Special Edition I Love Mondays: Class with Maria & Gianpiero
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I Love Mondays Special Edition!
MONDAY 05 December 2016
We are so excited to have special guest teachers Maria Filali & Gianpiero Ya Galdi with us in collaboration with Tango BETTER – Intense Practica Weekends
Maria & Gianpiero will be teaching the INTEMIADIATE/ADVANCED CLASS at 8 pm. The class is followed by London’s best and longest running Monday night tango!
CLASS TOPIC: You voted for’ GEARS OF CONNECTION: Technique to Increase Sensitivity and Reaction’
7 pm: Complete beginners class with Mary & Dimitri
7 pm: Recent Beginners classes with Hiba & René
8 pm: Intermediate/advanced class with Maria & Gianpiero
9 – 11.30: dancing open to all
St Aloysius Social Club, 20 Pheonix Rd (off Eversholt st) London NW1 1TA, Tube: Euston
* Inter/Adv with Maria & Gianpiero: £15* (includes practica) – loyalty cards not accepted for guest teacher classes (*Please note this is a slightly higher price than our regular weekly rate)
* Beginners/Recent Beginners: £10 (as part of course), £12 drop-in
*Practica only £5
Send as a message on FB through our page Tango-Fever London or email us on info@tango-fever.com
Gianpiero and Maria’s dance is based on their belief that the meeting between two different personalities and life trajectories complement each other when sustained by shared values, making their tango a constant and rich dialogue.
As teachers, they combine deep study of technical understanding and analysis of core concepts with the use of very concrete tools, to increase sensations and efficiency of movement. Their holistic approach of tango focuses on developing presence and global body-awareness, putting technical precision at the service of creativity, expressivity and musicality.
Based in Paris, Maria leads a successful Tango teaching and performing career all over the world and is recognized as one of the leading teachers of tango technique.
Over the years, Maria has worked with Aoniken Quiroga, Fausto Carpino, Daniel Carlsson, Eric Lindgren, Oriel Toledo and others. Since 2014 she has been wprking with Gianpiero Galdi, with whom she travels around the world teaching and performing.
As a performer, Maria’s experience is rich and combines tango with many other dance forms and movement influences
Gianpiero was only 12 when his father (engeneer, martial art teacher and tango lover) involved him in a free project for youngsters to approach tango.
He fell in love with tango during his first trip to Buenos Aires when he was only 15 and since then he’s been studying with all the major Maestros – performing in Italy and abroad at 18, realizing that he wanted to dedicate his life to tango.
Since then he had the chance to travel around and perform with many great dancers as Mila Vigdorova, Corina Herrera, Cesira Miceli, Nadia Hronidu and others.
His tango and his pedagogy are strictly connected to his studies of music, engeneering and bio-mechanic as “a simple and efficient technique, based on natural laws and aware listening, as the key to free the real and intimate spirit of tango”.
With Solo Tango Orchestra
Una Vez – Palermo


Mon 05 Dec 2016, 00:00
ends 00:00


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