Il Faut Tango Workshop & Concert


Sat, 07 Oct 2017, 19:30
ends 23:00


London, UK



‘ IL FAUT Tango duo ‘ 

                        from Buenos Aires.

         Flavio Romanelli  and  Marcos Martignano

      will give a Tango Musicality Workshop  and 

                      a Live Music Milonga

at  ‘TangoE14’ on Saturday 7th October from 7.30pm.

                            Supporting DJ ‘ Fredy Tincopa ‘.


 Doors open  7.30 pm;

 Workshop    8 – 9.30 pm; 

 Milonga        9.30 – 11 pm.      £12.

At Saint John’s Community Centre, 37 Glengall Grove, London E14 3NE.

Nearest station on Dockland Light Rail(DLR):  ‘ Crossharbour ‘.

This special evening is not only a joy for dancers wanting to grow their experience and understanding of tango, but is also very appropriate to introduce non-dancing partners or friends to the delights and intricacies of Argentine Tango music. They can enjoy listening to these brilliant musicians, drinking a glass of wine and watching the rest of us dance. (Bring your own wine and glass. )

We provide free tea and coffee, and some kind souls bring snacks to share. Whatever you like as long as it is practical to pick up with your fingers.

If you have never been to  TangoE14  before, come and try us on this special evening of 7th October.

Please note that apart from 7th October when we are in the evening, TangoE14 is usually on Saturday afternoons and will be back to normal at 1 – 5pm from Saturday 14th October.


or phone Tony Lane   020 7538 3852 for details.

‘Avanti’, Il Faut’s new album, is available online. Go to their website for details.

Il Faut tango dúo